Personalized Back to School Organizing Labels

SchoolSupplyLabelsMainImageIt is that time of year when all of the grade school kids excited to be back in class again! They have their supply list filled and now you can help them personalize and organize their school supplies with these fun and colorful labels illustrated and designed by Each label has a space to add their name or initial, sometimes both. First you will need to install the free front, Quicksand from Then download the PDF files onto your computer and open them in Adobe Acrobat. The editing fields will not show up in the browser window, but will once you open in Acrobat. The text fields are all set up for you to add your own child’s name, initial or class information. Once updated you can print the PDF pages onto full sheet label paper. The page of monogram circles are perfect for a 1 inch circle punch. After you have printed and trimmed to labels you and your child can have a fun time placing the labels onto all of the school supplies. Here are some photos to give you a few ideas.









Please look at the our Lunch Box Labels by Lia Griffith in the same style. We also pin lots of printables for kids!

  • Paula Barros

    Thank you!!! Super cute!!!

  • Pariah Burke

    These are brilliant! I am especially impressed with the pencil wraps–what a great idea!

  • Ruth

    I loved. Thanks!!!!

  • Michelle

    This is too good! Thank you!!!!

  • Heidie

    WOW!! Thank you so much! I was wondering how you attached the pencil labels? Did you glue or tape them? Will they go through the pencil sharpener? Thanks!

  • Kate

    My grandkids will love these! Thank you so much.


    Muchas gracias por estos imprimibles, son tan lindos que los voy a hacer aunque sea a mitad del año escolar!!

  • Laura

    Thank you! These are so cute and well done!

  • Aura Emilse Márquez

    Super los dibujos, gracias

  • kendell

    Thanks once again, these are awesome, it is a pity I didn’t find them before the start of the new year but they will come in handy for next year

  • Roxi – Mr. Jacob’s Mom

    Thank you so much for sharing these! I’ll be using them for my preschooler next month!

  • Miriam

    Wow, I love them! Thankyou so much!!!

  • Tasha

    This is exactly what I’m looking for & the pencil labels are a great idea. What size are they and do you have any tutorials on how you create your labels?

  • RUTH


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