Printable Farmhouse Herb & Spice Labels

Spring is a great time to give your kitchen a little facelift. To coordinate your herb and spice jars with your Vintage Farmhouse Pantry, here are the matching labels in both chalkboard and kraft design. Designed by Lia of, the round 1.5 inch labels fit perfectly onto your spice jars and lids. To use these labels, you will want to download and install the free farmhouse style fonts. Download and open your label PDF in Adobe Acrobat where you can select and replace the placeholder copy. There are three pages of labels offering you the script/block, block/script and block type. This will give you the variations you will need for most herb and spice labels. Print your PDFs onto full sheet label paper and use a 1.5 inch round circle punch to trim. You can print two sets and use one for the jar and the other to top the lid. For your matching Farmhouse Pantry Labels, visit this post.







ChalkboardLabelButton Kraft_Printable_Spice_Labels

Craft Spice Labels


Matching  Pantry labels


  • Julie says:

    Where did you get those cute spice jars???


  • jmason says:

    I’d also like to know where you those jars.

  • Sherry says:

    Me too! I’d love to get a set along with the larger jars for the pantry. Please tell us where you got them…and thanks for the labels-they are so perfect in my kitchen.

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  • Lia Kusch says:

    I have those jars and purchased them from

  • Ivie says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us! Please, could you tell us where you got your jars? It seems that I am not alone in wanting this information. It is so hard to find spice jars with metal lids! Thanks.

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  • Christina Hammer says:

    Absolutely love these templates. The spice names aren’t white enough, though. And since I need enough for one little kitchen, cannot buy labels by the 100′s. Any help you can give me would so be appreciated. Thanks

  • Gloria says:

    Hi, love the spice jar labels. I tried printing them but the name is not clear. The only visible letters are the ones at the top row (ground, whole etc…)but the second row, the actual spice name does not print clearly and is barely visible. Is there something I can differently? Can those letters be bold to make sure they come out clearly?

  • Chris says:

    When I download the design the name of the spice is missing. Maphbe it’s because I’m using an ipad. How can I add text

  • wlmanager says:

    Please make sure you using Adobe Reader 9 or higher. I am not sure about compatibility issues with a iPad.

    Thank you


  • Cassandra says:

    Hi! I actually had the same problem that Gloria did. I am using Adobe X (and currently downloading the newest version) Any suggestion in case the newest version doesn’t work? I really love the labels

  • Cassandra says:

    Update: The newest version of Adobe printed out exactly the same way. I love the labels but they arn’t coming out anything like the pictures. Suggestions?

  • Jody Le Blanc says:

    Question? Did you use the Matte or gloss finish on the labels. I’m on World Label right now ordering labels and it is asking what finish.


  • nancy says:

    BEAUTIFUL WORK! I LOVE THESE!! Is there any way you could make these templates in Word format? I am having all the same problems as the previous posters and would love to use these but am burning through a lot of $$ wasting ink & labels. THanks, Nancy

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