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Free President Clip Art For President’s Day

Abe Lincoln Clip Art

Celebrate President’s Day by using and making clip art of President’s like Good Ole Abe! Worldlabel friends Open Clip Art Library are trying to collect and give away as much clip art of Presidents from around the world this month as part of their latest 2.9 release.

You can use these images completely for free on your labels, websites, and other image needs. Its free for any use!

Check out the Fabricatorz blog post for full details on the new-and-improved OCAL!

This Open Clip Art Library Release Announcement is sponsored by Worldlabel.com, a multifunctional label manufacturer.

Clip Art of the Week: Hrum’s Red Flower and More

The last post focused on Anonymous Clip Art submissions, for this Clip Art of the Week, let’s feature the new work of Open Clip Art Library contributor, Hrum, particularly Red Flower which highlights the current theme at Open Clip Art Library — spring!

red flower

Other great selections are the vector traced and tweaked, bottle below, and the celtic ornament which is useful for generating cards and letterhead. Also, if you visit Hrum’s artist page you can find more ornaments and borders which anyone may use freely for making cards, or a border for a letter.

hrum bottleceltic ornament

And more recently, Hrum is creating photorealistic images like this trashcan.

hrum trash

Regardless, there is much more that Hrum is submitting. Please head over, register at Open Clip Art Library, and leave some reviews on the work that Hrum and others are doing at Open Clip Art Library!

Clip Art of the Week: Worldlabel Clip Art Gift

Last week’s clip art of the week inspired me to create a couple of quick vectorized graphics from Obama’s public domain senate image from Wikimedia Commons:

Barack Obama Warhol Stylee

The above image I created by taking the photo of Obama, importing it into the free drawing program, Inkscape, and then using the tracing function to convert the unscalable pixels to scalable vector graphics (meaning they may be scaled to any size). Anyone can find content in the public domain, and convert graphics to vector graphics and upload them to the Open Clip Art Library. It is a quick and fast way to contribute to the project.

For this week’s clip art of the week, I am highlighting the global contribution of clip art by Worldlabel.com, a maker of labels. Russell from Worldlabel gave this clip art he had commissioned to the project, and every bit of it got converted to vector graphics in the manner I described above. Here are a few selections:

Girl Face Boy Face dog face

If you want to donate clip art you created, please do so at Open Clip Art Library. And, thanks again to Russell at Worldlabel.com for both pushing us to feature clip art and for the donation of clip art.