Free Printable Office Labels by Lia Griffith

Printable Office Labels

If you are wanting to add a stylish touch to your standard office files then we have just the thing for you. Designed for you by Lia Griffith of, these file tab labels, mailing labels, file box labels and full sheet pattern labels take the ho-hum manila file folder to another level. The coordinating colors mix the manila yellow with teal, gold and white to add a fresh and stylish look. File file folder tab labels are designed to print on the Folder Labels WL-200wx. The first sheet is a pre-designed set and the second is for you to customize when you open PDF. The mailing labels and file box labels are designed for you to customize your information right in the PDF before you print onto the full sheet label paper. Print two sheets of the chevron patten and trim them to cover the outside of your manila folder adding color and texture to your desk. Before you customize the labels download and install the free font Quickstand from

Templates are fillable/editable and ready to print on your laset and inkjet printers.










6 thoughts on “Free Printable Office Labels by Lia Griffith

  1. Julie Si

    These are just fantastic.. I always wanted to make these boring manila folders look attractive.. Thank you. Love Julie

  2. Nancy

    Thanks for the labels! Just bought plastic bins for laundry room shelves and these labels will look great!

  3. rose

    this is amazing!! I can’t wait to use it for my office at home.
    Thank you for sharing it. Really love it.

  4. Sam

    I really love these!! I downloaded the mailing labels but it already contains your address. Is there a way to change that?

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