Kids Fourth of July celebration printables and Labels

kids 4th of july printables

What a fun idea to add a kid’s table to your Fourth of July celebration. This party kit is so full of options, ideas and inspiration that you can customize the printables for your own perfect kids event. Designed by the team at, the kit includes diamond shape stickers and round stickers that can be used to decorate all of the items on your Fourth of July table. These are ready to print onto full sheet label paper and trimmed. The belly bands and straw flags are also great for a label paper or you can print them onto printer paper and attach with glue or tape. The printable patterns were used to make popcorn cones and to add stars and stripes to our lemonade jar and other containers. The hot dog box is such a great way to serve kids and has the final touch with the red stripes printed onto the other side of the card stock before trimming and gluing. The coloring flags are a perfect activity, printed and folded, they are ready for your kids to decorate and add onto a flag stick. The finishing touch to your table décor are the pretty pinwheels. These work best printed onto card stock with a star pattern on the back of the striped fronts. We added the round stickers once formed


Kids_July_4_Kids_Table Kids_Bike_July_4_Decor Printable_American_Flags Popcorn_Cones_July_4_Printables July_4_Printable_Pin_Wheel July_4_Lemonade_Stand July_4_Kids_Table_Setting_Printable July_4_Kids_Table_Printables Lemonade_Popcorn_Stand_July_4 PartyPrintableButton


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  1. R Nguyen

    How do you do the cones and chip bags? So nice that these are all free printables! Thank you!

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