The Opening of our Pre-Designed Template Gallery

Worldlabel is pleased to open up the Pre-designed Label Template Gallery

The gallery has over 230 amazing designs free to download. The majority of the designs are for personal use only. Some are public domain and can be used freely for any purpose. These templates are in PDF (portable document format) templates and are ready to print on your laser and inkjet printers. The designs are formatted to work with blank labels offered by Worldlabel, or you can use plain paper and adhesive. Worldlabel recommeds you print these designs on full sheet labels and cut out the designs, and for round label shapes, a hole punch is also recommended for perfect alignment.

These label are designed for almost every holiday, occasion, event, including whole collection for organizing, productivity and the office. Also available are Christmas and holiday pre-designed label templates, as well as Kitchen and pantry, labels for Kids and Teachers, soap and candle labels, designs for canning and bottles and lots more. Fun Halloween and St. Patty day labels are also available. Beautiful designs for DIY Wedding and Valentines day gifts. Label kits to help small business brand are available also. These collections are not static, we will keep adding great designs all the time and increase the collection.

The templates are in PDF and can be download and saved to your desktop. The majority of these templates are editable ad fillable. This means there are fields you can input your own information and personalize. These templates have added functionality, you can change the font types and properties including: bold, underline, color, sizes and more. You can also align the text to you preferred placement. To change fonts on a windows operating system: press control + e To change fonts with a Mac: press Command + e

Templates will work on you Mac OX, Windows and Linus operating systems with a PDF viewer installed. For best results we recommend Adobe Reader

All these templates are hosted on Worldlabel’s blog and have been designed by well know artists on the internet.

Visit the gallery and start pursuing all the great free designed labels.

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