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Mail Merges in OpenOffice.org In-depth

Mail merge provides business owners, organizational leaders and even families a way to communicate easily and effectively with clients, members and friends. Mail merge allows users to personalize letters so that mass communication becomes more personal and yet efficient. Mail merge also is an efficient way to organize mailing lists for mailing labels. But, how can you use mail merge in Open Office? That’s the question!

We’ve provided an In-depth guide to mail merge with OpenOffice.org which explains all the intricacies of using this powerful feature. Learn how to use the mail merge feature to create letters, labels, and envelopes. The guide is also available as a PDF eBook document for your perusal. Continue to article or download the eBook.

The author of this article is Solveig Haugland, an author, instructor, and consultant near Denver, Colorado. She has been working with OpenOffice.org and StarOffice since 1999 and loves to show people how to make OpenOffice.org do what they need it to. She blogs at http://openoffice.blogs.com and her business web site is http://www.getopenoffice.org.

Worldlabel and Colour Lovers Provide Free Labels (Update)

We love open source, so any project that provides users with the ability to use open source products really rocks our world. This time, we’ve teamed up with ColourLovers.com (Color Lovers) to create some wild labels that will catch anyone’s attention! The colors chosen for each CD and address label are ones that are supplied by various palettes cataloged at Color Lovers.

To view the templates, use any of the following office suites to open the files: OpenOffice.org, Koffice, StarOffice, IBM Lotus Symphony, or any other office suite supporting the OpenDocument format. For Microsoft Office users, an ODF plugin is required and can be downloaded for free Sun ODF plugin for MS Office.

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