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Need labels for your envelopes?

Need labels for your envelopes? Need blank labels on sheets to print at home or the office for the address or the return address on your envelopes. Buy Factory direct lowest prices. $10.45 for 100 sheets. And as the more you buy increases, the prices keeps dropping. Standard avery #labels #sizes available like 5160, 5167 and others. We sell equivalent sizes. But you can save up to 85%. And if you been using Uline Labels, you can save even more. And our labels will work just as well. We more than happy to send samples to try before you buy.

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Thank you
Team Worldlabel

Our WL-25 same size as Avery 5167, 8167

Our WL-385 same size as Avery 5195, 8195

 Our WL-875 same size as Avery 5160, 8160

Our WL-75 same size as Avery 5161, 8161

Our WL-100 same size as Avery 5162, 8162

If you buying labels for a mail merge, read this how to create a mass mailing project

If you been buying Avery brand or Uline brand labels and would like to test our labels before you buy, Please contact us.