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Two Excellent Photoshop Label Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorial by Pariah S. Burke

If you use Photoshop, then you have a tool on hand that you can use to design labels. And, you don’t need to re-invent the wheel, because you have access to two great Photoshop tutorials at hand. The first tutorial, written by Pariah S. Burke, shows how to build and re-use a label template for items such as the business cards shown above.

Using Photoshop and Worldlabel Label Templates, Burke – a noted author, graphic designer and Photoshop guru – shows users how to create a template in Photoshop step-by-step. The result is a PDF that you can reuse over and over. And, if you’re not as comfortable with Photoshop as you are with Illustrator or even InDesign, Burke shows how the same PDF label templates from work equally well in those applications with a remarkably similar procedure. Read the complete tutorial at

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Picc Drop – Easiest Way to Share Images Online

Picc DropIf you need a quick way to share an image, PiccDrop is a dead simple online image host. The site is perfect for sharing a few images without the need for logging in or registration.

All you need to do is select the image you want to share, hit the Drop It button and PiccDrop uploads your image and redirects to the hosted image url. You can also choose to get the html/bb code and PiccDrop uploads your image and provides the code.

There is no limit on quantity of images to upload and the maximum file size of 6mb is generous. The site is free, supports most image file formats including jpg, bmp, gif, tiff, pdf, svg, etc., and its only restriction is no adult content.

Although PiccDrop claims to host your image forever and ever, we think the site is best suited for casual sharing of one or two images at a time. There are other online image hosting sites that allow you to index your family photos and bulk upload. PiccDrop is ideally suited for when you need to share an image fast on the web.

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Free ‘Cool Tools’ for Designing Labels On Your PC

Want to choose just the right color for your labels? Design a logo on the fly? How about simply making the corners of your images round so they look great with round-edged labels? There’s no need to spend money and time on a complex graphic design program when there are so many free tools available to make label design a snap.

In this post, I’ll stick to the many cool tools to choose from if you’re using a Windows-compatible PC. Stay tuned for future posts about Mac and Linux-compatible tools.

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gLabels – EZ label creator for Linux


There are times when all you want or need is something to just work and get the job done quickly and efficiently without frills or fuss. You probably don’t want to fire up Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator to create just a few labels. You want legibility, and maybe some zip, but edgy for your file labels is probably not what you had in mind when you contemplated cleaning up your file folders.

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