Chalkboard Style Christmas Labels for Gifts

Christmas labels

The season for gifting is right around the corner and for those who love to give edible gifts, these labels are just for you. Lia Griffith of designed this set of Christmas labels in the popular chalkboard style, mixed with beautiful typography and holidays greens. These labels are fully editable when you open the PDF in Acrobat. Just select the type and add in your own copy. Once personalized you can print them onto full sheet labels and trim with scissors. Lia shows in these photos how you might finish your look with a ribbon or trim bow, making them ready to share with your friends and loved ones.


For these free printable Christmas labels for your food gifts, we suggest printing on full sheet labels in standard white matte SKU# WL-175wx, cutting out the designs and using a hole punch when needed 🙂








52 thoughts on “Chalkboard Style Christmas Labels for Gifts

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  2. Val

    Thank you for all the terrific printables you provide! They are both beautiful and functional – my favorite combination! I do have a question – where do you find all the unusual jars and bottles for your gift giving? Are they flea market finds or is there a shop/store that sells them? Thanks again for sharing your design talents with the online community!

  3. Tracey

    I cannot use the control e for these labels. Is there a problem or is this the way they are designed?

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  6. debbie

    These are brilliant and just what I needed I’m making a a basket full of all handmade stuff for my mum and sister this year and the flowers are fantastic you are very talented thank you for sharing these wonderful items they will also be handy for a voluntary group I belong to for activities for children 🙂

  7. heather

    I tried 3 times today to download these labels. The thing downloads but the labels are not there. The writing is, the background is black and that is all I get. What is wrong?
    I have downloaded other items successfully from your site today,just not these. Hope to hear back from someone.


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  9. Julie Bender-Sibbio

    Hi – I have heard great things about these labels and want to make some for my homemade apple butter but can’t seem to download them?? Could you please help. thanks!

  10. wlmanager Post author

    Hi Julie

    Pls make sure you are right clicking on the download image. Save As to your desktop, then open in Adobe Reader.

    Thank you, Enjoy 🙂

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  12. Philisha

    Hi there.
    I am having a problem editing these to
    put my name on them. Anyway you can email these
    labels to me? not sure why its not allowing me to
    edit?? weird… Thank you so much.. super cute!!

  13. Leanne

    I am having difficulty downloading these labels onto my computer. I am trying to right click and save but nothing seems to be working.

  14. wlmanager Post author

    If you right click on the Download button, and Save file as to your desktop, there should be no problem. Sorry you having this trouble. I have emailed you the labels


  15. wlmanager Post author

    Sara 🙂 we email it.

    Try uninstalling Reader, deleting all your cookies. Install. Right click and save file. Open. There should be no problems



  16. Paula Barros Campos

    Hello Russ,

    Thank you for such amazing labels, just wondering if there the preferences are editable, (control E)

    Thank you for your help and Happy Holidays!!!!


  17. wlmanager Post author

    Hi Paula

    I am sorry these are not formatted so that the fonts can be changed. The only other way to do it is open up the file in PS, Illustrator or any graphic design program and input the font you want.

    Happy Holidays!



  18. Kristen

    Can’t wait to use these for my jams and jellies this Christmas season. Just beautiful. Thank you Lia Griffith and World Label!

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  24. Karen

    These are beautiful, I would love to be able to use them however I get an error
    and I am unable to fill them out….what am I doing wrong? if you could let me know that would be fabulous

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