Printable Woodland Roses Design by Cathe Holden


Some of my favorite craft supplies are printable blank labels- full sheet and one-inch circles, specifically.
The 8.5″ x 11″ full sheet labels lend themselves to so many applications from using blank as backing reinforcement to vintage and brittle ephemera when manipulating those papers in craft projects. But printing most any graphics to full sheet label stock allows you to custom cut shapes by hand, with decorative paper punches, or with most any die cutting machine.
One-inch circle labels, which come 63 to a sheet, when printed with graphics, are perfect for envelope seals, gift packaging, alphabet stickers, product labeling, and they fit nicely onto many store-bought one-inch craft and office supply items such as one-inch metal rimmed hang tags, photo frame jewelry, many other one-inch cabochon and bezel settings, decorative labels for vintage wooden spools or bottle caps, or even to tack back to back or folded over along bakers twine to create sweet pennant bunting. There’s just so many uses.

My Woodland Roses series was designed around gift giving, and they work nicely with kraft (-colored) paper & boxes. There’s one full sheet watercolor-style floral design and one coordinating striped sheet that can be trimmed out as chevron strips or individual color striped strips. Utilize the trimmed strips like you might washi tape. Also, I’ve designed a sheet of alphabet stickers and one sheet of pattern only circles. I used something from each sheet to decorate a birthday box for my friend Gia. Use these labels for correspondence envelopes, your Etsy packaging, product packaging, and embellishing most anything! What will you make with them? – Cathe Holden













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