Showing Gridlines in a MS Word Label Template


It is really frustrating, you download and open MS Word Label Templates and it is blank. Do not worry, there is a very simple fix.

First step is open up the Word template. It will look like the image bellow (image 1)

Show gridlines in Word

Image 1

The next step is to find the tab “Design” on the top navigation bar and click on it – see image 2


Image 2

Once you click on the tab Design, you will see this:

Microsoft Word Gridlines

Go almost all the way down and click on “View Gridlines” – see image above. Your Word Label Template will now look like this:


You are now ready to start designing and creating your label using a MS Word Label Template.

This Howto on our Pinterest boards about adding images and making address labels with a Word label template is helpful.

4 thoughts on “Showing Gridlines in a MS Word Label Template

  1. Ellen McKee

    Thank you! I had already created quite a few labels but when I opened the doc this morning the gridlines were gone. Now they are back. I just want to say that I am so thankful for businesses like yours that share your info with others. Trying to get a straight and easy answer from the developers of programs is elusive, at best. But you answered my question simply, logically and quickly. Thanks so much!

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