Sample Book Of Vintage Druggists Labels

druggist labels

This is a sample book of vintage druggist cut and gummed labels made available by digitizing the collection by the Sloan Foundation and Lyrasis. The original author of the book and labels is Harris and Company Use these amazing vintage labels for all kinds of labeling projects, and even for your poison Halloween bottles. The complete book is available for download here The book is owned by the Winterhur Museum Library in Deleware.  Images are out of copyright. ENJOY!

druggist labels-2

druggist labels-3

druggist labels-9

druggist labels-8

druggist labels-10

druggist labels-4

druggist labels-11



druggist labels-12

druggist labels-5

druggist labels-6

druggist labels-13

DOWNLOAD Vintage-gummed-labels in PDF or visit to see the book

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