Vintage Printable Button Labels by Cathe Holden

Free Vintage Button Label Printables

The other night as I enjoyed (Cathe Holden of sorting through bags of colorful vintage buttons I’d been collecting I had a “Eureka!” moment: Button stickers! So off to my scanner and on to my desktop I went.

– I hope you’ll enjoy this fun collection of 63 vintage button images sized to fit World Label one-inch label stock.

– Download the FREE PDF file, print to label stock and use button stickers for:

– Envelope seals

– Decorating plain gift wrap

– Organizing your own button tins or jars by color

– To denote special dates on your wall calendar

– Whimsical garland (attach button labels back to back along a string)

– Collage and other craft projects

– Furniture embellishments

– Lunch sack closures

ALSO: Feel free to also print to paper or cardstock for cutting out individual button images with a one-inch paper punch for:

– Paper stitching projects

– Tokens/award chips

– A game: Print and punch two sets, place matching pairs randomly upside down on a table to create a memory game like “Concentration”.

What would you do with a vintage button label collection? Please share!

Buttons to print

Printable button labels


40 thoughts on “Vintage Printable Button Labels by Cathe Holden

  1. Linda

    Wow! These are gorgeous! I an for sure going to use these as
    embellishments for my home made cards! I also like the idea for button organization as well. Can’t wait to use these! Thankyou!

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  3. Cindy G.

    I always loved my mom’s button jar as a kid, and while mine isn’t as great as hers was, now I can have some button happiness to use whenever I want. I love the selection of buttons you put together, and I can’t wait to use them. Thanks for being so generous in sharing them!

  4. amy

    Looking through my grandma’s button tin was one of my favorite things to do when I would visit her house. These are just fab. Thanks for sharing your faves, Cathe!

  5. SuzyMcQ

    These are so cute and I would love to print some, but I don’t need 100 sheets of label stock….Any chance, World Label, that you could sell in smaller quantities? Pleeeeeease?

  6. Julia D.

    Just love buttons! I see many that I have in my button collection. Great idea and can hardly wait to use them in so many ways.
    Thanks Cathe.

  7. Cathy

    Oh, so gorgeous! Right now, I will enjoy displaying the page just as it is, and I know inspiration will strike!

  8. susan w

    The buttons are slightly off the label edges when I print them. Could it be my printer? (Kodak All-in-One 5250)
    What steps can I take to adjust the pdf or ???

    The colors are delicious! My grandmother had a button box also; I have a few of those buttons still and now I want to print these successfully!

  9. Barbra

    I used button stickers to seal packages since my company is “All About The Buttons” but I have been having difficulty finding them. This is great. Thanks so much!

  10. wlmanager Post author

    Hi Susan – usually it is a printer problem, please try adjust the properties from paper to labels in the settings. Sometimes its easier to print on full sheet labels and cut out the designs with a hole punch.

    Please let me know if you have andy more questions



  11. Marylinn Kelly

    These are the coolest things and thank you for your generous sharing. I love buttons and stickers and you’ve come up with the perfect combination. Genius. xo

  12. rechercher

    These are so cool, and I already know what I’m going to use them for. Thanks again Cathe for another great printable!

  13. Linda Greiss

    Cathe, Thank you for so generously sharing your incredible button collection! I also have a nice collection of buttons that years ago a friend of mine scanned them for me. We then printed out white buttons on vellum. I also drew a bunch of my buttons which I used in a button accordian book edition I made. The book was done in black and white with a real white vintage button sewn on the cover. I don’t think I have any photos of it. I will have to rectify that. Always enjoy your wonderful creations! Linda

  14. Rita Baker

    Thank you so much. I love vintage buttons, I hate to part with them. I start sorting them to sell and then just put them back in their tins, changed my mind. Thanks again

  15. Ruth

    Thank you – these are great! I’m sure I will come up with a use for them for my daughter’s upcoming Lalaloopsy party!

  16. Sam

    Thank you – these were perfect for a card I had to put in the mail. I printed them at 50% on card stock and was able to “sew” them on.

  17. PennyA

    Really love these (as noted above). Ordered the labels just to be able to play with this design, but cannot get the alignment right (?) I have made the suggested adjustments to the settings of my printer *HP Color LaserJet 3600* (labels vs. plain paper), and have selected “Fit” vs. “Actual” for the sizing within Adobe .PDF Printer. Is there anything else I can do to make this work? With thanks!

  18. PennyA


    Thanks for the suggestions. I actually opened the .PDF in another program, and was able to ‘fidget’ a bit with the size/alignment — I am now happily printing buttons!

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