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How to use PDF Templates for Labels & Business Cards in Adobe InDesign (CS1-4)

The following article will help you use our PDF Label Templates in Adobe InDesign (CS1-4). The author, Anne-Marie Concepción, is Chicago’s top source for cross-media publication design and authorized Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat and Quark training.

  1. Download the PDF template that matches the type of labels you’ll be printing on, and save the template to a convenient location, like your desktop. In the example you’ll be using throughout this tutorial, you’re printing out standard address labels, 30 per page, so you’ve downloaded the WL-OL875 template. For standard business cards, use this template WL-OL244. The general steps outlined here should work with any template, though of course the settings you’ll enter should be customized to your particular template.
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