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Tweak photos with Fotoxx (Open Source)

While F-Spot and digiKam are among the most popular photo management applications, they are not the only fish in the sea. In fact, if you need a lightweight tool that can help you to manage and tweak your photos with a minimum of effort, Fotoxx can do the job just fine. Fotoxx’s interface looks deceptively spartan: the main window sports a single menu and a toolbar that contains buttons for frequently used functions. But behind the simple interface hide quite a few powerful features like support for the RAW format (this feature requires the UFRaw package installed on your system), an easy-to-use panorama stitching function, and the ability to create HDR photos.


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10 Best Free Online Photo Editors

Sure you can fire up Adobe Photoshop to do your image editing, but sometimes less is more and all you need is a quick tool to resize an image or take out some red eye. Or maybe you don’t have the extra $300 lying around to buy Photoshop software. Don’t fret, we looked at free online image editors available and compiled a list of the best!

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