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How Can I “Green” My Old Printer Without Putting It Out to Pasture?

Save Money And Conserve Energy By Turning Printers Off When Not In Use

So, you care about the environment. But despite all the new “green” features built in to printers on the market today, you just can’t abide by the thought of trashing a perfectly functional older model just because it doesn’t boast an Energy Star compliant rating.

The power-saving mode is now a printer industry standard. But fortunately, even if your older printer does not include this feature, you can still take steps at home to ensure the printer operates at peak energy efficiency — simply by turning your printer off when not in use to conserve power. And as a nice side bonus, doing so will save you a little extra money, too.

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How to Eliminate Blots From My Inkjet Prints?


We have covered how to clean a beyond-filthy printer here. The databazaar blog has a informative post on eliminating ink blots when using your Inkjet printer.  Dont forget, reducing the DPI settings in the printer properties can increase the quailty of your print when using inkjet printers!

Ink in ballpoint pens and inkjet printer cartridges share a common trait — they’re designed to dry quickly. Fast-drying ink works well when the ink dries on paper, but not so well if the ink dries on the printhead that dispenses it. When ink dries on a ball point of a pen, the ball no longer rolls smoothly on paper to evenly distribute ink, which creates blots of ink on a page. The same is true for inkjet printers when ink dries on the printhead — blots of ink appear on a printed page.

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How to Conserve Ink and Toner

You already know how to manage greener business print jobs. But, how can you conserve ink and toner? You probably need that printer for odd jobs, but tools exist that can help you save money and conserve products that can damage the environment. It all begins with the type of printer you use and the ink it requires. But, if you’re stuck on that printer because of budget concerns, let’s go from there…
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