Vintage Printable Button Labels by Cathe Holden

Free Vintage Button Label Printables

The other night as I enjoyed (Cathe Holden of sorting through bags of colorful vintage buttons I’d been collecting I had a “Eureka!” moment: Button stickers! So off to my scanner and on to my desktop I went.

– I hope you’ll enjoy this fun collection of 63 vintage button images sized to fit World Label one-inch label stock.

– Download the FREE PDF file, print to label stock and use button stickers for:

– Envelope seals

– Decorating plain gift wrap

– Organizing your own button tins or jars by color

– To denote special dates on your wall calendar

– Whimsical garland (attach button labels back to back along a string)

– Collage and other craft projects

– Furniture embellishments

– Lunch sack closures

ALSO: Feel free to also print to paper or cardstock for cutting out individual button images with a one-inch paper punch for:

– Paper stitching projects

– Tokens/award chips

– A game: Print and punch two sets, place matching pairs randomly upside down on a table to create a memory game like “Concentration”.

What would you do with a vintage button label collection? Please share!

Buttons to print

Printable button labels


  • Linda

    Wow! These are gorgeous! I an for sure going to use these as
    embellishments for my home made cards! I also like the idea for button organization as well. Can’t wait to use these! Thankyou!

  • Correen

    You sure are creative. These would be so cute for bottle cap jewelry. Bookmarked and shared 😉

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  • Ida

    What a cool idea! Can’t wait to try these! Thanks very much!

  • Magpielovely

    This are lovely! I love your idea of making a matching/concentration game. Adorable.

  • Cindy G.

    I always loved my mom’s button jar as a kid, and while mine isn’t as great as hers was, now I can have some button happiness to use whenever I want. I love the selection of buttons you put together, and I can’t wait to use them. Thanks for being so generous in sharing them!

  • Suzy

    Hot Damn! Me and my sewing pals are going to have a heyday with these!!

  • Jodie

    I love all your labels but these are extra special; so sweet!

  • amy

    Looking through my grandma’s button tin was one of my favorite things to do when I would visit her house. These are just fab. Thanks for sharing your faves, Cathe!

  • Jane

    Wow, this is great! I am definitely going to use these! Thank you so much!!!

  • SuzyMcQ

    These are so cute and I would love to print some, but I don’t need 100 sheets of label stock….Any chance, World Label, that you could sell in smaller quantities? Pleeeeeease?

  • Eileen

    Thank You so much.

  • wlmanager

    Suzy :)

    Email us at contact @worldlabel and request couple sample sheets of our Full size labels.



  • Julia D.

    Just love buttons! I see many that I have in my button collection. Great idea and can hardly wait to use them in so many ways.
    Thanks Cathe.

  • Cathy

    Oh, so gorgeous! Right now, I will enjoy displaying the page just as it is, and I know inspiration will strike!

  • diane bee

    Love them! So cute. I would use them as seals for envelopes. Thanks Cathe!

  • emily hope

    love these! thanks so much :)

  • Michelle

    These are so colorful and fun–I love them!

  • Andreaa

    These are great! I have some favorite buttons I should do this with. I love the idea of making them into stickers to put on envelopes.

  • Penny

    These are GREAT! Thanks for the fabulous share :)

  • Richard

    Cathe, you’ve done it again! GORGEOUS buttons! I’ll be using these on my handmade cards for SURE!!

  • Cathe Holden

    Thanks for all the kudos everyone! I’m so happy you’re enjoying the buttons : )

  • susan w

    The buttons are slightly off the label edges when I print them. Could it be my printer? (Kodak All-in-One 5250)
    What steps can I take to adjust the pdf or ???

    The colors are delicious! My grandmother had a button box also; I have a few of those buttons still and now I want to print these successfully!

  • Barbra

    I used button stickers to seal packages since my company is “All About The Buttons” but I have been having difficulty finding them. This is great. Thanks so much!

  • wlmanager

    Hi Susan – usually it is a printer problem, please try adjust the properties from paper to labels in the settings. Sometimes its easier to print on full sheet labels and cut out the designs with a hole punch.

    Please let me know if you have andy more questions



  • Crystal Arcand (3Stairs)

    This is brilliant and I love you for it!

  • lyn

    frigging genius! can’t wait to get a new printer now…

  • Michelle L

    OKay, Cathe wins the internet. For all time. For all time!!!

  • DanielleMW

    Thank you so much for providing these button images. They are lovely!

  • Marylinn Kelly

    These are the coolest things and thank you for your generous sharing. I love buttons and stickers and you’ve come up with the perfect combination. Genius. xo

  • rechercher

    These are so cool, and I already know what I’m going to use them for. Thanks again Cathe for another great printable!

  • Linda Greiss

    Cathe, Thank you for so generously sharing your incredible button collection! I also have a nice collection of buttons that years ago a friend of mine scanned them for me. We then printed out white buttons on vellum. I also drew a bunch of my buttons which I used in a button accordian book edition I made. The book was done in black and white with a real white vintage button sewn on the cover. I don’t think I have any photos of it. I will have to rectify that. Always enjoy your wonderful creations! Linda

  • Rita Baker

    Thank you so much. I love vintage buttons, I hate to part with them. I start sorting them to sell and then just put them back in their tins, changed my mind. Thanks again

  • Ruth

    Thank you – these are great! I’m sure I will come up with a use for them for my daughter’s upcoming Lalaloopsy party!

  • Sam

    Thank you – these were perfect for a card I had to put in the mail. I printed them at 50% on card stock and was able to “sew” them on.

  • PennyA

    Really love these (as noted above). Ordered the labels just to be able to play with this design, but cannot get the alignment right (?) I have made the suggested adjustments to the settings of my printer *HP Color LaserJet 3600* (labels vs. plain paper), and have selected “Fit” vs. “Actual” for the sizing within Adobe .PDF Printer. Is there anything else I can do to make this work? With thanks!

  • wlmanager

    Penny, please call me to discuss this issue at 877-955 2235

    Thank you


  • PennyA


    Thanks for the suggestions. I actually opened the .PDF in another program, and was able to ‘fidget’ a bit with the size/alignment — I am now happily printing buttons!

  • wlmanager

    It is a pleasure :)

  • carolyn

    Lovely combination and colours. thanks so much x