Vintage Printable Button Labels by Cathe Holden

Free Vintage Button Label Printables

The other night as I enjoyed (Cathe Holden of sorting through bags of colorful vintage buttons I’d been collecting I had a “Eureka!” moment: Button stickers! So off to my scanner and on to my desktop I went.

– I hope you’ll enjoy this fun collection of 63 vintage button images sized to fit World Label one-inch label stock.

– Download the FREE PDF file, print to label stock and use button stickers for:

– Envelope seals

– Decorating plain gift wrap

– Organizing your own button tins or jars by color

– To denote special dates on your wall calendar

– Whimsical garland (attach button labels back to back along a string)

– Collage and other craft projects

– Furniture embellishments

– Lunch sack closures

ALSO: Feel free to also print to paper or cardstock for cutting out individual button images with a one-inch paper punch for:

– Paper stitching projects

– Tokens/award chips

– A game: Print and punch two sets, place matching pairs randomly upside down on a table to create a memory game like “Concentration”.

What would you do with a vintage button label collection? Please share!

Buttons to print

Printable button labels



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