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Making Barcodes with Free Software & Inkscape


Barcodes provide a very simple, reliable, machine-readable way to read numbers or addresses into your computer so that information can be looked up online or in a database. There are a number of different standards for barcodes, and the most-commonly used ones are quite easy to use and create with simple free software applications, whether you want to incorporate them directly in your cover art, or make stick-on labels for marking packages. Here, I’ll walk you throught the basics of three popular types of barcodes: UPC, EAN (including ISBN), and QR codes.

Producing the barcode itself is trivial in Inkscape — the leading Free/Open Source Software vector drawing application — ever since the extension became part of the standard distribution, with version 0.46. The current version supports several kinds of barcodes, including the UPC and EAN types. To continue reading the complete howto, visit: http://www.labelsontime.com/barcodes-and-free-sofware

Inkscape resources to take you from newbie to power user


The vector editor Inkscape is what some might call a best-kept-secret among open source projects — in part, because few people outside the graphic design community have any experience working with vector artwork; also, in part, because it’s so powerful that it can seem intimidating at first blush. Here are a collection of Inkscape resources you may find helpful in learning Inkscape and in expanding your skill set.

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Clip Art of the Week: Worldlabel Clip Art Gift

Last week’s clip art of the week inspired me to create a couple of quick vectorized graphics from Obama’s public domain senate image from Wikimedia Commons:

Barack Obama Warhol Stylee

The above image I created by taking the photo of Obama, importing it into the free drawing program, Inkscape, and then using the tracing function to convert the unscalable pixels to scalable vector graphics (meaning they may be scaled to any size). Anyone can find content in the public domain, and convert graphics to vector graphics and upload them to the Open Clip Art Library. It is a quick and fast way to contribute to the project.

For this week’s clip art of the week, I am highlighting the global contribution of clip art by Worldlabel.com, a maker of labels. Russell from Worldlabel gave this clip art he had commissioned to the project, and every bit of it got converted to vector graphics in the manner I described above. Here are a few selections:

Girl Face Boy Face dog face

If you want to donate clip art you created, please do so at Open Clip Art Library. And, thanks again to Russell at Worldlabel.com for both pushing us to feature clip art and for the donation of clip art.