Free Soap Labels & Candle Labels Biz Starter Kit


Are you starting your own small soap or candle business. Are you stumped for ideas on your labels? Worry no more! We’re offering free fillable labels in PDF label templates for U.S. letter-size label sheets. There are two starter label designs to choose from. Each design has 10 different sized labels in rectangular shapes, oval and round labels.

The Following size labels are used in each design set:

WL-OL100 – mailing labels size 4 x 1.33″

WL-OL172 – shipping labels size 3.75 x 3″

WL-OL350 – round Labels 2.5″ circle

WL-OL375 – round Labels 3.33″ circle

WL-OL475 – shipping labels size 4 x 5″

WL-OL1025 – round labels 1″ circle

WL-OL5051- Lip Balm Size 1.9 x 2.5″

WL-OL5450 – Water bottle labels size 7.5 x 1.5″

WL-OL8250 – Water Bottle Labels size 2 x 5″

WL-OL9810 – Oval Labels 3.93 x 1.93″



How to use PDF Fillable Label Templates:

Specs: These labels in PDF are cross-platform and application independent. They will work on Mac OSX, Linux, Windows, Solaris and other operating systems. There can be compatibility issues among different PDF Readers. For optimum performance and full use of all functions, we recommend you download for free Adobe PDF Reader version 9.

Fonts: If you want to change the font type, size or color, (as well as bold, italics, etc.) select Control +E if you’re using a PC or Apple + E on a Mac. A toolbar will appear giving you additional text properties. Select “More” in the font properties toolbar for paragraph alignment and more.


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