Classy Stickers for digiKam Lovers Giveaway (Update)

digiKam Sticker

Using open source software? Then we have something for you. In collaboration with the open source community, we’ve designed some classy stickers you can use to spice up your notebook or netbook and show the world your support for open source software. The stickers are based on some original designs, so you won’t find them anywhere else.

The stickers are printed on high-quality vinyl labels from World Label that are both waterproof and smudge-resistant.

The first set of stickers is designed for digiKam users. If you use this powerful photo management application to process and organize your photos, you have a chance to win 5 sheets (18 stickers each) featuring our original design.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment to this post (don’t forget to include your email address), and we’ll pick a winner on Monday, July 16.

If you don’t win, there is no reason to despair: in the spirit of open source, the sticker design and template [PDF] are also 100 percent open source, so you can print the stickers yourself. And you can buy labels for that from us!


And the winner is…

Well, first of all, thank you all for participating in the giveaway. It’s nice to see that so many people use digiKam for processing and managing photos. The lucky winner of the giveaway is Kanwar Plaha. We will contact you shortly to arrange the shipment. We also decided to give a single sheet to another three participants: Simon Slater, Edney Matias, Thomas Damgaard. Expect an email in your inbox soon. Once
again, thank you all for participating, and check back later for more exciting giveaways!

38 thoughts on “Classy Stickers for digiKam Lovers Giveaway (Update)

  1. Rob V

    I’ve been using digiKam for a few years now, and it has graciously carried me through from my humble point-and-shoot cameras to my new-found love for DSLR. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say digiKam positively encouraged me to get more interested in photography. It works so well, and just entices you in to discover new features. Congratualtions to the digiKam team for producing one of the best pieces of open-source software!

  2. pano

    Just a quick thought:
    Wouldn’t it make more sense to pick 5 winners and give each 1 sheet?^^
    I mean, If I win, I wouldn’t know what to do with 90 stickers in total 😛

    apart from that, I must say digikam is awesome and steadily becomes better and better (e.g. the GSoC on the face recognition feature)

  3. Silver

    I’ve been using Digikam for years (can’t even remember when I got started with it).

    I used Picasa and F-Spot before I found Digikam, and I have to say I haven’t found any reasons to look back.

    Aside from the photo organizing and tagging capabilities, I find that the image manipulation options are extremely useful (adjusting brightness and cropping. for example).

  4. Edney Matias

    Hi there!

    I’ve been using digikam for a few months but i already can see clearly results. I used to have photos spread all over my disk and now they are pretty organized in a meanifull way. I have albuns, tags, geolocation and ratings. Every time i fire up digikam i find a new feature to explore. Right now i’m making use of the image processing functions and wishing i had a better camera.

    Amazing job you all did, it’s a incredible piece of software.


  5. Vamp898

    I just love digiKam. I do a lot of photos and it really helps me to keep them organized and i really hope to see it on Windows too to give it to my Windows Friends too.

    Awesome work, keep it up =)

    And for sure i want to win the stickers *yeha* xD

  6. Markus

    Hi there,
    I have to agree to pano, pick 5 winners for one sheet each.

    Beside that, Digikam is a great software. I don’t think I have discovered every feature yet, it’s that powerful. I love it. Many thanks to the devs.

  7. aelfric

    digikam is an amazing project that should be more widely known about so lets spread the word and get those labels out there and seen by the world 😉

  8. Matt Jacobs

    I’ve used Digikam a little for a few years, but really stepped up usage since buying a digital SLR about a year ago. Love it, and the Kipi plugins are awesome. Nothing else I’ve tried comes close to the power and ease-of-use.

  9. Simon Slater

    We have been using DigiKam for quite a few years now. My wife & I don’t take many photos, so being able to find one using the geotagging or timeline is fantastic. The image manipulation abilitiy was essential with our old cameras.

    Now the kids have their own cameras and are using DigiKam too!

    This year we will be scanning in all the old photos, so DigiKam will help to organise these too.

  10. Kanwar Plaha

    What can I say about digiKam!

    I am a member of my local camera club here in a suburb of Sydney, Australia. I have won several merits and credits for my photos so far in the club competitions. This would not have been possible without digiKam.

    Being a shutter-bug, my photo collection is in tens of thousands by now and guess which software keeps them organized 😉

  11. Kanwar Plaha

    Oh, and forgot to mention that the photo used for splash screen for digiKam 1.0 was mine (the peacock) 🙂

  12. Shitalkumar

    Hi folks, I am using this digiKam from last couple of years as i am fan of open source and Linux as well, this application is just awsome to use, user friendly so that the user from windows can easily start using it …

  13. R. Lindlein

    I use digiKam, too. It´s my favourite app to organize my photos and upload it somewhere.

  14. Arndt Braun

    I love Digikam an use is every Day to organize my Images.

    With the new feature, the MySQL integration it works perfect and i can work from different PC´s!

  15. Jonas

    Digikam is a great software. I am using it since 0.8 or earlier and it becomes greater with every release.

  16. klaatu

    i honestly cannot understand why anyone would use anything BUT digikam for organizing and comparing their photos. Digikam is teh best!

  17. El_Zorro_Loco

    Best photo-management software for Linux and yet better than a lot of commercial software. 🙂

  18. Andi

    Digikam Rocks! Spent lots of money in the past on expensive commercial tools, but none reaches the asset management capabilities of digikam!
    Rock on!

  19. Thomas Damgaard

    I use digiKam to browse and organize my photo collection (about 250 GB in size). I use it together with SubVersion, so that I always have a copy of each revision of a photo. I have a script that automatically dumps and commits the digiKam database to text, so that it is easily put into SVN.

  20. Katie

    Digging the open-source stickers, but I agree with only one sheet. Share the love. 😀

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  21. Sachin

    digiKam has revolutionized the way i organize my photos. It’a really a great software.

    This giveaway is a great thing for us digiKam users..

    Thank you very much.

  22. Michal Hozza

    I started using digiKam today. I wanted to create similar product myself, because I was dissatisfied with Google Picasa, but then I find this and it really looks wonderful.

  23. Urcindalo

    I just bought a Panny Lumix ZS7 as a replacement for my lost Fuji FinePix F30 (the BEST camera I’ve ever had) and digiKam will be the program I’ll use to organize my pictures (GPS-tagged or not). Thanks for this amazing piece of software.

  24. Ram Mishra

    I have been using Linux for past 3 years, but have never touched any default Photo organizer tool (Like F-Spot), coz I was a bit comfortable with Picasa (on my Windows Partition). Recently I swiched to Linux for all my needs, but was not Happy with Picasa’s performance with Wine, so I started exploring other Photo organizers coz F-spot was not up to my taste. I read about Shotwell and DigiKam, used both for a while and ultimately decided to remove Shotwell because DigiKam made a very good first impression and I really liked it. Simple, inituitive interface, straightforward and does the job for what it’s meant for. Two thumbs up DigiKam Team, you’ve done a good job.

  25. Roberto

    As a photographer and after reading all these comments I downloaded digiKam. Just had to had to HAD TO.Thank you, now I can keep my photos totally organized.. excellent.

  26. Mark_thetrigeek

    Started using Digikam when I moved from VectorLinux to Ubuntu 8.10. Back then it was a bit rough but I loved it. More importantly, my wife who organizes all our photos took to it very quick so that was good. I recently updated to 10.04 and wow has Digikam taken some huge leaps. Once we get a NAS my wife will be able to tinker with the photos from any machine in the house. DigiKam FTW. 😉

  27. Neelabh

    I am a newbie and exploring different options. I have started falling in love with it.

    BTW:- The email that I mentioned there is real so please dont strike it off.

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