Canning Jar Labels by Ink Tree Press

Canning jar labels

These amazingly cute round labels for your canning jars created by Ink Tree Press are  printable fillable PDF Templates. Use them for your garden fresh jams, salsas and other products!!! Labels are free to download for personal use only. Each type is available in a set: plain label, with text, insert different info and autofill. Or download the blank sheet with all colored labels in different info or autofill.

Use label stock from in sizes:

Specs: These canning jar label templates in PDF are cross-platform and application independent. They will work on Mac OSX, Linux, Windows, Solaris and other operating systems. There can be compatibility issues among different PDF Readers. For optimum performance and full use of all functions, we recommend you download for free Adobe PDF Reader version 9.

Fonts: If you want to change the font type, size or color, (as well as bold, italics, etc.) select Control +E if you’re using a PC or Apple + E on a Mac. A toolbar will appear giving you additional text properties. Select “More” in the font properties toolbar for paragraph alignment and more.

font properties

Gingham Labels Autofill

Download AutoFill | Download different info

Tomato Labels

Download the set of Canning Tomato Labels (zip)

Strawberry Labels

Download the complete set of canning jar labels for Stawberries (zip)

Blueberry Labels

Download the complete set of canning jar Blueberry labels (zip)

Apple Labels

Download the complete set of canning jar Apple Labels (zip)

Salsa Labels

Download the complete set of canning jar Salsa Labels (zip)

Vegetable Labels

Download the complete set of Vegatable Labels (zip)

Print Peel Apply

Get PrintPeelApply Brand Labels from

36 thoughts on “Canning Jar Labels by Ink Tree Press

  1. Mary Brock

    I’d love some canning jar labels! Thanks.

    Mary Brock
    7425 SE 72nd Ave.
    Portland, OR 97206

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  5. Barbara Rose

    I would love to have the free labels that you advertise. I’d think that they could be used on alot of different items. They do look very decorative.
    Barbara Rose
    P.O. Box 235
    Stanton Ky. 40380

  6. Russell

    Sorry folks, the free labels are the very cute well designed templates you can download for free. If you want samples of our labels to print, please email us your address.

  7. abdellah bouhamla

    I would love to have the free labels that you advertise..thanks

    Abdellah Bouhamla
    PTT BP 64B Rue Attafi Cherif
    Constantine 25000

  8. Faridilla Ainun

    I would love to have the free labels that you advertise..thanks

    Faridilla Ainun
    Wisma Dhamar
    Jalan Mayor Zen no.15 Palembang 30118 Sumatera Selatan Indonesia

  9. John Naylor

    Thank you for the templates and the accessibility to auto fill…I spent many hours trying to create my own round labels on Word without success…now my canned goods for gifts will have personality..

  10. Ramírez Forastello Nancy

    I would like some samples please, they look amazing.

    Ramírez Forastello Nancy.
    Vedia 85 Dpto 1°2
    3400. Corrientes. Argentina.
    I’ll be waiting . thanx!

  11. April

    I would love to try some of your canning labels, we are just starting out canning and I think it would make things a lot easier to find. Please send me some free labels.

    April Smith
    1116 Emerson Drive
    Anderson, IN 46011

  12. sarah garrison

    i would love some labels my garden is getting ready to harvest soon thank you
    915 ne 7th ave
    crystal river, florida 34428

  13. Barbara

    I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed using your free labels. They have made not only me smile, but my friends, who I share my canning goodies with. Thank you so much.

  14. T

    WOW, People should definitely learn to read, and its not even FINE PRINT, its plain as day in front of you!!!! That is all.

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  19. Misty Raines

    Thank you for the free downloadable labels! These are awesome. I will be using them as I give gifts from my kitchen throughout the year. Thank you again and again! – M

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