Tux Paint Kids Summer Drawing Contest

Tux Paint Kids Summer Drawing Contest

Tux Paint

Grab Tux Paint, make a cool drawing, win one of 3 OLPC laptops, one of 10 Sugar-on-a-stick and other awesome prizes!

 Tux Paint Contest Prizes


The 2011 Tux Paint Summer Drawing Contest is sponsored by Worldlabel.com and is open to all children aged 3 to 12 who live anywhere in the World!

Here’s a chance to show off your talent using a great drawing program made especially for kids. Tux Paint is an award-winning drawing program you can download to your computer. Tux Paint was recently awarded SourceForge.net Project of the Month. It will run on all versions of Windows (including Tablet PC), Mac OS X 10.4 and up, Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD. And it’s FREE!

PRIZES: Worldlabel.com will give out prizes to 10 winners! 1st prize wins a OLPC notepad computer, Sugar-on-a-stick loaded with Tux Paint, a Tux Paint T-shirt and button. 2nd and 3rd wins a OLPC computer, Sugar-on-a-stick and a T-shirt. 7 more winners will be chosen and will receive a Sugar-on-a-stick and a Tux Paint t-shirt.


  • Download Tux Paint
  • Make your drawing in Tux Paint and save it in png format
  • Send your finished drawing in png format to [email protected] and include “Tux Paint” in the email subject line
  • In the email submission include: 1) the artist’s’ name 2) the artist’s age 3) the title of drawing 4) the country where the artist lives
  • All artwork must be the contestant’s original work created on Tux Paint.
  • Only one entry per child

Entries will be judged on the quality and originality of the artwork. Extra points will be given to drawings that tell a story.

Entries must be submitted by midnight USA Easter Standard time on 12 September 2011. Winners will be announced no later than 22 September 2011.

All entries will be licensed: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported and will be exhibited on this page.

Contest Judges

Linda Goin

Dmitri Popov

Marguarita Suti


ABOUT THE OLPC (One Laptop Per Child):

One Laptop Per Child

Three Grand Prize Winners will be chosen to receive a OLPC notepad computer:

A real world laptop for real world change. The XO laptop was designed collaboratively by experts from academia and industry to combine innovations in technology and learning. We considered the need to weather extreme environmental conditions such as high heat and humidity, and to support easy field repair by children and local language support. As a result, the XO laptop is durable, functional, energy-efficient, responsive, and fun.

The XO is about the size of a textbook and lighter than a lunchbox. Thanks to its flexible design and “transformer” hinge, the laptop easily assumes any of several configurations: standard laptop use, e-book reading, and gaming. It has rounded edges, an integrated kid-sized handle, and (in most cases) a sealed, rubber-membrane keyboard.

Design was a priority from the start: the laptop could not be big, heavy, fragile, dull, or dangerous. The distinctive appearance both appeals to the intended users and discourages gray-market traffic. There is no mistaking what it is and for whom it is intended.

The XO is also designed for constant connectivity. A few children working together under a tree can connect to each other without any other hardware, and a class full of students can share collaborative activities with one another and see what their classmates are doing.



10 winners will receive a Sugar-on-a-stick

Sugar on a Stick

The award-winning Sugar Learning Platform promotes collaborative learning through Sugar Activities that encourage critical thinking, the heart of a quality education. Designed from the ground up especially for children, Sugar offers an alternative to traditional “office-desktop” software. Sugar on a Stick is a Fedora-based operating system featuring the award-winning and designed to fit on an ordinary USB thumbdrive.
The mission of Sugar Labs® is to produce, distribute, and support the use of the Sugar learning platform; it is a support base and gathering place for the community of educators and developers to create, extend, teach, and learn with the Sugar learning platform.

Sugar is based on the following principles:

  • everyone is a teacher and a learner;
  • humans by their nature are social beings;
  • humans by their nature are expressive;
  • you learn through doing; and
  • love is a better master than duty.


10 winners get a T-shirt 6.1 oz. 100% cottonTux Paint Artists T-Shirt



The Tux Paint Contest is open to kids exactly 3 years and older but not older than 12 years of age. We reserve the right to demand a proof of age. The winners must provide a proof of age upon request. Employees (and their immediate families) of Worldlabel.com and its subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers, advertising agencies, and persons living in the same household as such employees are not eligible to participate in the Contest. Contest is subject to all applicable federal, state, local laws and regulations and is void where prohibited by law. The Contest begins on  29 June 2011 and ends on 12 September 2011. Entries must be received by midnight USA Eastern Standard time on 12 September 2011 to be eligible.



Visit the Tux Paint Gallery

Read our review on Tux Paint by Nathan Willis


  • Artist Name: Gracie Bagadiong,
  • Age:  8
  • Title of Drawing: Dad’s Scuba Diving Trip
  • Country: USA


  • Artist’s Name:  Fatima Rego Bhalla
  • Age:  3
  • Title of Drawing: Picture Candy
  • Country:  Canada


  • Artist’s Name:  Sarah Cartan
  • Age:  12
  • Title of Drawing: Birds in Summer
  • Country:  USA


  • Artist Name: Nathan Payne
  • Artist Age: Six
  • Drawing Title: “Motorstruction”
  • Artist Country: Australia


  • Name: Thaddeus Mann
  • Artist Age: 9
  • Description: “Afternoon Pond”
  • Country USA


  • The artist’s’ name: Andrea Cepkova
  • The artist’s age: 4
  • The title of drawing: Srdiecko zlaticko (free translation to English is Little Lovely Heart)
  •  The country where the artist lives: Slovakia


  • Artist name: Abigael Brown
  • Artist Age: Age 6
  • Name of Drawing: “A Pretty Picture”
  • Country: USA


  • Name: Zadok Montgomery
  • Age: 3
  • Title of the drawing: Spiderman’s Rainbow
  • Country: Canada


  • Name: Zechariah Montgomery
  • Age: 5
  • Title of the drawing: Witch House On The Hill
  • Country: Canada


  • Name: Todd Franks
  • Age: 10
  • Title: Bird Care
  • Country: USA


  • Artist’s name  Tyla Morgan
  • Artist’s age      7
  • Title of the drawing  MY PICNIC TREE
  • Country where the artist lives : UK


  • Artist name: Isaías dos Santos Aluízio
  • Age: 10
  • Drawing Title: “Preserved City”
  • Coutry: Brazil


  • Artist’s name: Louis MASSON
  • Artist’s age: 8 years
  • Title of the drawing: Tank factory
  • Country where the artist lives: France


  • Artist’s’ name: Annabel Mair
  • Artist’s age: 10 years old
  • Title of drawing : Off to see the World
  • Country where the artist lives: United Kingdom


  • Name: Emma Ricker
  • Age: 8
  • Title: Frosty and Tux
  • Country: U.S.A.


  • the artist’s age : 10 YEARS (27/06/2001)
  • the title of drawing: VILLAGE
  • the country  :INDIA


  • Artist name: Nicole Louise Cassiano Nunes Dias
  • Age: 7
  • Drawing Title: “A house in the forest”
  • Coutry: Brazil


  • artist’s’ name: Maavin Munthasir
  • artist’s age: 10 years
  • title of drawing: Return to my island
  • live country: Maldives


  • artist’s’ name: Ruusa Rantalainen
  • the artist’s age 6
  • the title of drawing: Tosi hieno kuva (“Very great picture”)
  • country:  Finland


  • the artist’s’ name: Terho Rantalainen
  • the artist’s age 4
  • the title of drawing: En tierä ( “I do not know”)
  • Country: Finland


  • Artist’s name: Sarah Aiesha Rizal
  • Artist’s age: 7
  • Title of the drawing: My Dino
  • Country where the artist lives: Malaysia


  • Artist’s name: Nur Liyana Rizal
  • Artist’s age: 12
  • Title of the drawing: Bathtub in the Forest
  • Country where the artist lives: Malaysia


  • Artist’s name: Gabriela Glueck
  • Artist’s age: 12
  • Title of the drawing: Decisions
  • Country where the artist lives: U.S.A.


  •  Artist’s name: Johanna SUTTER
  • Artist’s age: 6 years (then 5)
  • Title of the drawing: “Fairies fly about” (German: “Feen fliegen herum”)
  • Country where the artist lives: Germany


  • The artist’s’ name: Johann Franco
  • The artist’s age: 11 years old
  • Title of drawing: Reciclar
  • Country: Mexico


  • Artist name: Odin le Roux
  • Artist age: 3
  • Title of drawing: Monkey
  • Country: New Zealand


  • Artist’s name: Jethro Robinson
  • Artist’s age: 3 years
  • Title: Lotsa Different Colours
  • Country: Scotland



  • Name of Artist:  Jackson Murch
  • Artist Age: 9
  • Name of drawing: Ship
  • Country of Artist: USA


  • Name of Artist:  Tsehay Murch
  • Artist Age: 9
  • Name of drawing: Sunny Day
  • Country of Artist: USA


  • Name of Artist:  Tigist Murch
  • Artist Age: 9
  • Name of drawing: Dog under Water
  • Country of Artist: USA


  • Name of Artist:  Tuke Murch
  • Artist Age: 9
  • Name of drawing: Peace
  • Country of Artist: USA


  • Artist’s name: Tzujo Laurel Chang
  • Artist’s age: 8 years
  • Title: The blue bird in our back yard
  • Country: USA

Different kinds of migration birds come to the back yard of our home in different seasons.  Some of them have burgundy feathers and some have red feathers.  Others have gray feathers with a little bulky body.  Among those migration birds, the ones with blue feathers are my favorite, because blue stands for “well-being” in the children’s story book “Blue Bird.”  Those blue birds look so pretty to me.  I wish they can come to our back yard everyday.


  • Artist’s name: Frida Wollmann
  • Artist’s age: 10 years
  • Title:  “Die Grille” (“The cricket”)
  • Country: Germany


  • Artist name: Owen le Roux
  • Artist age: 7 years old
  • Title of drawing: Universal
  • Country: New Zealand


  • Name of Artist: Nadia Nuril Kariem
  • Age of Artist:  10 (08-April-2001)
  • Title of Drawing: Holiday In Jungle
  • Country: Indonesia


  •  Name: Ella Arguelles
  • Age: 12
  • Title: Dancing Waves
  • Country: Republic of the Philippines


  • the artist’s’ name:  Maija Laitinen
  • the artist’s age: 12 years
  •  the title of drawing: ‘Sateenkaari videokuvassa’ (‘Rainbow in video’)
  • the country where the artist lives: Finland


  • artist’s’ name: Konrad Wollmann
  • artist’s age: 9
  • title of drawing: Feueralarm auf dem Friedhof (“fire alarm on the graveyard”)
  • country: Germany


  • My name is Abdulmohsen Al-Dharrab.
  • I’m 10 years old.
  • I’m from Saudi Arabia.
  • This is my drawing : “تحت أعماق البحر اﻷحمر


  • The Artist’s name : Fitriatma Maulani Akbar
  • The Artist’s age : 8 years
  • The Title of drawing : Musim Panas (summer)
  • The Country : Indonesia


  • The Artist’s name : Rizqina Maulani Akbar
  • The Artist’s age : 4,5 years
  • The Title of Drawing : Keindahan Malam ( Night Beauty)
  • The Country : Indonesia


  • Artist Name: Sierra Lapchynski
  • Artist Age: 9
  • Name of Drawing: Man on a house on a smnowy Night in the Winter
  • Country of Artist: USA
  • the artist’s’ name = Abril Palm Petrizzo
  • the artist’s age = 3 years
  • the title of drawing = Espantapájaros
  • the country where the artist lives = Mérida, Venezuela


  • Artist Name: Dayyan Nashrul Haq
  • Age of Artist :  8
  • Title of Drawing: Dragon’s Eggs
  • Country: Indonesia



  • Artist Name: Mujahid Habiburrahman
  • Age of Artist :  7
  •  Title of Drawing: The Bat
  • Country: Indonesia


  • Name of artist: Master Yash R.Akkara
  • Age: 7 years
  • Topic: Midnight Willy
  • Country:India


  • Artist’s name – Shulin Singh Kohli
  • Age – 10 years
  • Title of Drawing – Toucan and the Crab
  • country – India


  • Artist’s name – Biniti Shetty
  • Age – 8 years
  • Title of Drawing – Deep Sea
  • country – India


  • Artist’s name – Chinmay J. patel
  • Age – 8 years
  • Title of Drawing – The space Aircraft
  • country – India




  • Artist’s name – Ishaan Sheth
  • Age – 8 years
  • Title of Drawing – sea imagination
  • country – India



  • Name :  Devita Mayanda Heerlie
  • Age :  8 years old
  • Title:  Playing with My Friends
  • Country  :  Indonesia
I like playing with my friends at the sea. I think that is fantastic. I can swim and dive to see beautiful of the sea. The coral and reef is colourful and beautiful.
I love my friends. The fish, the octopus, the crab, the turtle are my friends. But I scare the snake because it can bite me. So, I want draw my friends to save them.




Artist’s Name: Aidiel Danish Zulkifli
Artist’s Age: 10
Title: Fishing At The North Pole
Country: Malaysia


Artist’s Name: Muhammad Anas Zul Qarnain
Artist’s Age: 10
Title: Warfare
Country: Malaysia


Artist’s Name: Muhammad Imran Rosli
Artist’s Age: 11
Title: The Band
Country: Malaysia


Artist’s Name: Amirah Zul Qarnain
Artist’s Age: 9
Title: Making Coffee
Country: Malaysia


Artist’s Name: Nur Syamimi Husna Yaakob
Artist’s Age: 10
Title: House On A Lake
Country: Malaysia


Artist’s Name: Nur Hanis Syamimi Anis Afindi
Artist’s Age: 11
Title: Volcano Eruption
Country: Malaysia


Artist’s Name: Nur Aina Balqis Syarizan
Artist’s Age: 11
Title: Scenery At My House
Country: Malaysia


Artist’s Name: Nur Aniyah Syarizan
Artist’s Age: 9
Title: Hillside
Country: Malaysia


Artist’s Name: Nadine Qathira Sahzan
Artist’s Age: 11
Title: Not So Happy Birthday
Country: Malaysia



Artist’s Name: Nur Fatin Adlin Nor Ismee
Artist’s Age: 11
Title: Playing Music For Fun
Country: Malaysia


Artist’s Name: Nur Farahanim Abdull Jamal
Artist’s Age: 11
Title: Ocean View
Country: Malaysia


Artist’s Name: Nureen Aulia Mohd Zaini
Artist’s Age: 10
Title: Adrift In Space
Country: Malaysia


Artist’s Name: Nadia Nazurah Amri
Artist’s Age: 9
Title: Happy Birthday
Country: Malaysia


Artist’s Name: Nureen Fifi Aufa Mohd Zaini
Artist’s Age: 9
Title: Flowers And Trees
Country: Malaysia


Artist’s Name: Nur Amirah Amri
Artist’s Age: 11
Title: Missing My Rabbit On A Rainy Night
Country: Malaysia


Artist’s Name: Muhd Ehsan Zubaidi
Artist’s Age: 9
Title: Lightning Strikes A Paddy Field
Country: Malaysia


Artist’s Name: Muhammad Danish Saidar
Artist’s Age: 10
Title: Loving Animals
Country: Malaysia


Artist’s Name: Ahmad Aliff Akmal Shahrul Anuar
Artist’s Age: 11
Title: Beautiful Colors
Country: Malaysia


Artist’s Name: Syed Ahmad Muaz Syed Zainal Abidin Khilmi
Artist’s Age: 10
Title: My Farm Animals
Country: Malaysia


Artist’s Name: Muhammad Darwish Saidar
Artist’s Age: 9
Title: The Accident
Country: Malaysia


Artist’s Name: Muhammad Lukman Arif Abdul Razak
Artist’s Age: 11
Title: My House
Country: Malaysia


  • Entrants Name: Samantha Ray
  • Age: 7
  • Title: Crazy Night
  • From: Australia


  • Entrants Name: Luke Ray
  • Age: 8
  • Title: Where I Live from Space
  • From: Australia


  • Entrants Name: Josh Ray
  • Age: 11
  • Title: The adventures of a little girls lost teddy
  • From: Australia



  • Artist’s Name:  Katie Chu-Fong
  • Artist’s Age:   7
  • Title of the Drawing:  How the tuatara came to live on land
  • Country where the artist lives: New Zealand

Once there was a tuatara and a shark named Mango, both of them lived in the sea. The tuatara was bigger than the tuataras we have nowadays. It was gigantic.  If you had the smallest of medium-sized house, it would be about the size of your house. Now, the tuatara and Mango liked to eat people for their breakfast. One day the tuatara saw a waka with four fishermen in it, being rowed off the shore. So he reported it to Mango. Mango said “I don’t want to miss my breakfast.”  So the tuatara boldly went up under the waka and lifted his back so the waka tipped over to its side. Instantly, Mango gobbled up all four fishermen. After tuatara had sent the waka flying away, he realized that Mango had eaten all the fishermen. Tuatara said “You’ve eaten all the fishermen.”  “I’m sorry,” said Mango but there are some men up there on the shore. So the tuatara swam to the shore and as soon as the men saw tuatara coming, they ran away. Mango said “Come back tuatara,” but the tuatara replied “It’s much nicer up here. I think I’ll stay up here.”

So that’s how the tuatara came to live on land.



  • Artist’s Name:  Melissa Chu-Fong
  • Artist’s age:   12
  • Title of the Drawing:   RMS Titanic
  • Country where the artist lives: New Zealand

My picture shows the Titanic setting off from Southampton being pulled out to the ocean by a tug boat.  It set sail on its first and last voyage to America from Southampton, England. It carried many wealthy families and lower class passengers. Tragically, it struck an iceberg and sank at 2.20am on the 12th of April, 1912.


  • Name: Nerise Barnes
  • Age: 10 (then 9)
  • Title: Cat Outside
  • Country: Aotearoa (New Zealand)


  • title: Walk in the woods with surprise
  • artist’s’ name: Davide Lanconelli
  • age: 8
  • country: Italy


  • title: “Christmas at farm”
  • artist’s’ name: Linda Lanconelli 
  • age: 6
  • country: Italy 


  • artist name: Giulia Santandrea
  • age: 7
  • country: Italy
  • Title: Grape rabbit


  • Artist’s nam: Suran Gao
  • Artist’s age: 4
  • Title of the drawing: My Park
  • Country where the artist lives: USA


  • Name: Cole Barnes
  • Age: 8
  • Title: Captain Duck
  • Country: Aotearoa (New Zealand)


  • Artist’s Name: Alejandro Michel Garcia
  • Artist’s Age: 3 Years
  • Title of the Drawing: La Granja (The Farm)
  • Country: Bolivia

Alejandro junto con sus compañeros del kinder “Mi Casita” visitaron lagranja “Victoria” yahi disfrutaron viendo y tocando a los animales, este es un paseo que sigue vivo en la memoria de Alejandro, y disfruta contando su experiencia a su familia.


  • Artist’s Name: Sebastian Michel Ayala
  • Artist’ Age: 8 Years
  • Title of the Drawing: La Banda (The Band)
  • Country: Bolivia

A mi y a mi hermano nos gusta jugar con los instrumentos musicales, y formar una banda de música, yo toco la flauta y mi hermanito toca el xilofono, Cuando sea grande quiero tocar la bateria.


  • Name of Artist:  Hannah Martin
  • Age  of Artist:   11
  • Title of Drawing: Tux_Daydreaming
  • Country: USA


  • Artist’s Name:  Ian Chu-Fong
  • Artist’s age:  10
  • Title of the Drawing:  How the Kiwi lost it’s wings
  • Country: New Zealand



  • Artist’s name: Sthuti Choudhary
  • Artist’s age: 11yrs
  • Title of the drawing: Silent Message
  • Country where the artist lives: India


  • Name of Artist:  Caelan Jegathesan-Lamb
  • Age of Artisit: 7
  • Title of Drawing: ‘Deltora Culture Sign’
  • Country: Austrialia


  • Artist: Faye Wettstein
  • Age: 6
  • Title: A House for People
  • Country: USA


  • Artist Name: Aaryan   Pillai
  • Age: 10 years
  • Title of Drawing: A day at the Beach
  • Country: India


  •  The artist’s’ name: Helio Giuseppe Puglielli Melo
  • The artist’s age: 10
  • The title of drawing: The Penguins’ Beach
  • The country where the artist lives: Brazil




  • Artist: Gabriela Kahn
  • Age: 7
  • Title of picture: Super Dog
  • Country: Ecuador


  • the artist’s’ name: Gwendolyn Bossuyt
  • the artist’s age: 8 years
  • the title of drawing : Spider on a web with purple northern lights
  • the country where the artist lives: Finland


  • My name is Maha Al-Dharrab.
  • I’m 7 years old.
  • I’m from Saudi Arabia.
  • This is my drawing:  حلة إلى مدينة الملاهي”



  • Artisit name: Boglarka Tunde Peter
  • Age of Artist: 12
  • Name of drawing: Lion King-Hakuna Matata
  • Country: Romania



  • Artist: Alex Wettstein:
  • Age: 3
  • Title: Rain and Train Tracks in the Tornado
  • Country: USA


  • Artist name: Christian Obertin-Kneubuehl
  • Age of Artisit: 8 years old
  • Title of drawing: Snowmen
  • County: United States of America


  • Artist Name: Ashwini Dongre
  • Age: 12 years
  • Title of Drawing: When I will go back Home in the village this is what i will get to see
  • Country: India


  • Artist Name: Ashwini Dongre
  • Age: 12 years
  • Title of Drawing: When I will go back Home in the village this is what i will get to see
  • Country: India


  •  Artist Name: Hetvi Joshi
  • Age: 9 years
  • Title of Drawing: Flowers bow down by the pressure of the rain, the way we bow down to nature’s forces
  • Country: India


  • Artist Name: Khushboo Thakkar
  • Age: 10   years
  • Title of Drawing: View from my Window
  • Country: India


  • Artist Name: Mausam  Nakarja  
  • Age: 8 years
  • Title of Drawing: The Thirsty Crow
  • Country: India


  • Artist Name: Priyanka Gangani
  • Age: 11 years
  • Title of Drawing: A rainy Day at our center
  • Country: India


  • Artist Name: Vishakha Tailor
  • Age: 10 years
  • Title of Drawing: SunSet
  • Country: India



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