Excellent Info on Soap & Labeling at Soapqueen.com


Anne-Marie from SoapQueen.com has written some excellent tutorials on labeling your soap and beauty products. It will be a 3 part series. The first one on how to  label your Lip Balm.  The second howto is on “How to Label Cold Process Soap” and you can read this here 

Stay tuned and we will update when part 3 is posted.

If you starting a soap making business, this white paper is great reading. Also check our Worldlabel’s “Soap labels Biz starter kit“, which has a bunch of free designed labels for your to use.

One thought on “Excellent Info on Soap & Labeling at Soapqueen.com

  1. charice gill

    Can u use vegetables and stuff and what are the thing use when making soap I mean ingredients thanks

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