Winners of the 2011 Summer Tux Paint Contest

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2011 Tux Paint Summer Contest. We thank all the participants for thier entries. We must admit, judging was extremely difficult so we decided to add an additional 10 winners who will each get a Tux Paint t-shirt.


  • Artist’s name: Tzujo Laurel Chang
  • Artist’s age: 8 years
  • Title: The blue bird in our back yard
  • Country: USA


  • Name of Artist: Nadia Nuril Kariem
  • Age of Artist:  10 (08-April-2001)
  • Title of Drawing: Holiday In Jungle
  • Country: Indonesia



  • Artist’s’ name: Annabel Mair
  • Artist’s age: 10 years old
  • Title of drawing : Off to see the World
  • Country where the artist lives: United Kingdom

RANDOM WINNERS FROM FOUR TO TEN (win Sugar-on-a-Stick and T-Shirt) 

  • Artist Name: Gracie Bagadiong,
  • Age:  8
  • Title of Drawing: Dad’s Scuba Diving Trip
  • Country: USA


  • Artist name: Odin le Roux
  • Artist age: 3
  • Title of drawing: Monkey
  • Country: New Zealand


  • Artist’s name: Frida Wollmann
  • Artist’s age: 10 years
  • Title:  ”Die Grille” (“The cricket”)
  • Country: Germany


  •  Name: Ella Arguelles
  • Age: 12
  • Title: Dancing Waves
  • Country: Republic of the Philippines


  • My name is Abdulmohsen Al-Dharrab.
  • I’m 10 years old.
  • I’m from Saudi Arabia.
  • This is my drawing : تحت أعماق البحر اﻷحمر


  • Name :  Devita Mayanda Heerlie
  • Age :  8 years old
  • Title:  Playing with My Friends
  • Country  :  Indonesia


  • Entrants Name: Samantha Ray
  • Age: 7
  • Title: Crazy Night
  • From: Australia


  • Artist’s Name:  Melissa Chu-Fong
  • Artist’s age:   12
  • Title of the Drawing:   RMS Titanic
  • Country where the artist lives: New Zealand


  • Artist’s Name:  Ian Chu-Fong
  • Artist’s age:  10
  • Title of the Drawing:  How the Kiwi lost it’s wings
  • Country: New Zealand


Artist’s Name: Nur Farahanim Abdull Jamal
Artist’s Age: 11
Title: Ocean View
Country: Malaysia


  • Artist’s nam: Suran Gao
  • Artist’s age: 4
  • Title of the drawing: My Park
  • Country where the artist lives: USA


  • Artist’s name: Sarah Aiesha Rizal
  • Artist’s age: 7
  • Title of the drawing: My Dino
  • Country where the artist lives: Malaysia


  • Artist’s Name:  Sarah Cartan
  • Age:  12
  • Title of Drawing: Birds in Summer
  • Country:  USA


  • artist name: Giulia Santandrea
  • age: 7
  • country: Italy
  • Title: Grape rabbit


  • Artist’s name – Shulin Singh Kohli
  • Age – 10 years
  • Title of Drawing – Toucan and the Crab
  • country – India

  • The artist’s’ name: Andrea Cepkova
  • The artist’s age: 4
  • The title of drawing: Srdiecko zlaticko (free translation to English is Little Lovely Heart)
  •  The country where the artist lives: Slovakia

  • Artist’s name  Tyla Morgan
  • Artist’s age      7
  • Title of the drawing  MY PICNIC TREE
  • Country where the artist lives : UK

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17 thoughts on “Winners of the 2011 Summer Tux Paint Contest

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  2. Devita Mayanda Heerlie

    Thanks for the teamwork of tuxpaint summer paint contest and your gift to me. Congratulations for the winners.

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  5. Scout

    Thanks so much this was a great competition – my daughter Samantha had a lot of fun with this competition and she is really proud to be showing off her prize to all her friends and classmates at school. All of the entries look great and I can see some real artists in the making. Keep it up.

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