Organizing Calendar: the Harmonized House Project

This really awesome organizing Family Calendar is designed by Erin Rippy of is FREE for download. This is part two of several collections to come to help you organize your home with the Harmonized House Project planner -:) Printables are in filable and editable PDF templates, so you can personalize with your own information. Included labels for your to check mark the days you need to do things!

To print out labels use Worldlabel WL-5375 Round labels

Printables are in editable PDF Templates – Yes, you can change font types, colors and size. Templates are cross platform and will work on you Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. For best results use Adobe Reader 9 or highter.

To change fonts: type, size or color, (as well as bold, italics, etc.) select Control +E if you’re using a PC or Command +E on a Mac. A toolbar will appear giving you additional text properties. Select “More” in the font properties toolbar for paragraph alignment and more
































Check out the realy great organizing planner “The Harmonized House Project by Erin Rippy of

43 thoughts on “Organizing Calendar: the Harmonized House Project

  1. Amber

    I really like these but I am having a difficult time with entering text in the fields. When I alter them half the word gets cut off…

  2. Samantha

    I haven’t been able to find any more printables for the home management binder since this post. Do you know when the rest of that series will be done? I want to create a binder, but I want everything to coordinate and I love these!! 😀

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  4. jen

    Hi, love this planner so much! Just wondering when part 3 was coming? Has anything else been created since septembers posts? Would love to see some cleaning and money organisational sections.
    Thanks heaps,

  5. wlmanager Post author

    Hi Jen
    We are planning more releases soon -:) I am not sure when yet. Thank you for your patience. We cannot wait either to see what Erin Rippy from Inktreepress will come up with.


  6. Rebeca

    These are absolutely beautiful!!! The address and to-do forms printed easily. I was able to print Jan and Feb but the rest of the forms will not print. Do you have any suggestions?

  7. Hannah

    I dont know if its just my computer or not but the December one will download but when I go to print it it will print a blank page. The rest of them printed fine its just the December Calendar. Is anyone else having this problem?

  8. Tracey

    I have tried numerous times to print November and December. Nothing prints but a blank page. The other months printed fine. Any ideas?

  9. Julie

    Hi, I’m working on Mac and each date is cut off on the calendars. I can only see the first digit. Can you tell me know to edit these so I can the entire date? I tried doing the command E feature and that did not do anything. Any suggestions?

  10. Júlia B.

    Hi, I love these but could you make one that starts with Monday…? Also, a ‘batch download’ button would be helpful. Thanks a lot!

  11. Amy

    Any further word on more printables? Absolutely LOVE these and would like to find more. Are there more somewhere else??

  12. Kim Lottman

    I love these, but when I print October, November and December everything but the name of the month prints. I’ve printed everything else, but these three calendars will not. Any help would be appreciated.

  13. Jessica

    I love these printables however, I am having trouble downloading from June on. I have tried on two different computers. Anything you can do to help me out? Thanks, and I love your work.

  14. Mandy L

    I am having problems printing October, November, and December also. The month title and the word “Notes” at the bottom would not print. Also on the September one, the month title did print, but the word “Notes” did not. Is there a setting I should check?


  15. stephanie

    I just love these printables! Thanks so much! When is the rest of the series going to be available? I’d especially love to have a blank page for notes. Thanks 🙂

  16. Erika

    I would like to know if anyone has a problem with the dates in the 30 day calendar. It only fits single digits, so after 9 the next date = 1. Please help!! I love these and don’t know how to fix it.

  17. Erika

    I would like to know if anyone has a problem with the dates in the 30 day calendar. It only fits single digits, so after 9 the next date = 1. Please help!! I love these and don’t know how to fix it. Has this happened to anyone?

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  19. Sarah

    People having problems printing make sure you try printing from a saved file and if you get any blank areas go to advanced print options and print as image

  20. Elizabeth

    Thank you. I have looked for a fun and free fillable household planner. Never found it until today. Thank you for sharing your hard work with us.

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  22. Sharon Oaks

    I love this calendar and have had no trouble downloading it. I just wonder if it can be converted to 2014? I am not totally computer illiterate but a little challenged. I love the fillable worksheets for the family planner and can’t wait to use all of the tools you have made available to organize my time and my home. Thank you!

  23. Kelly

    How can we change the dates to 2014 and 2015 for next year. I tried and it won’t print if I change the dates.

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  26. Terri

    I love the labels but for some reason I’m having zero luck editing the text. Is it because I am using Abode Acrobat Reader DC?

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  28. Karin

    These are so cute! I featured a few of these sheets in my most recent planner post at, with a link back to here to download them. Let me know if this is okay with you! If not I will remove it, either way thank you for the great printable!

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