Printable Christmas Gift Tags and Labels

World Label Christmas Gift Tags

It is time to start wrapping your gifts and we are here to help you make them just a little bit more personal. Here is a set of gorgeous Christmas gift tags and editable labels to top your gifts. Designed by Lia at the tags can be easily printed onto a card stock, trimmed and tied onto your package to add a little cheer. The backs of the tags are a perfect place to add your to and from names. The sheet of gift labels are ready for you to personalize. Simply download the PDF onto your desktop and open in Adobe Acrobat or Reader. This will allow you to select the editable text and add your own names. For the matching font you can download the free version of Museo Slab 500. Once you have your names in place, print onto a full sheet label paper and trim. Enjoy!

Printable Christmas Labels_Tags

Christmas Gift Tags

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