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More Tips For Making Your New Small Brewery Succeed

A while back I wrote an article entitled “Important Tips For Starting Your Own Small Brewery” in which I recommended that new brewers and those wanting to open a new brewery learn all they can, prepare to be the person that does all the heavy lifting while ensuring getting a good accountant. In this article I want to update those ideas and focus on the presentation a newbie should make to the beer buying community. A few simple steps can help any start up brewery ensure that the message is getting out without creating too many new expenses when you can least afford them.

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Important Tips For Starting Your Own Small Brewery

When I think of starting a small brewery, my back starts to ache. I imagine my shirt pockets stuffed with receipts and invoices and I get a sharp panicky feeling about when I would ever have to time to do all the things I need to accomplish. Before getting to that point, there are preparations that anyone thinking of starting a craft brewery should consider to make sure they are truly ready to take on the business of a craft brewer:

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