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Printable Refrigerator Organizing Labels By Lia Griffith

Our friends over at Lia Griffith Media designed a gorgeous new set of printable food labels for us. They are excellent for organizing your Refrigerator or Freezer. These labels are as pretty as they are practical… and so easy to make! Especially surrounding the holiday season, labeling your frozen and/or refrigerated goods is a life-saving trick. With the editable Mellony Dry Brush font, personalize your labels accordingly. Lia’s team created three sizes of title labels and a sheet of detail labels for noting the contents and dates. They used our 8.5×11″ frosted clear matte labels. If printing on a laser printer, the material item number of these labels is full sheet labels WL-175CX. If printing on an inkjet — WL-175CJ. To download your own personal set of labels, see the download link below!

Also included are white freezer storage labels to help you keep track of when and what is in the freezer.

Download Your Free Freezer and Fridge label Template

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Cute Fruity Fun Free Canning Label Printables -:)

Canning Label templates

These really cute labels for canning fruits are fruity fun 🙂 Peache, strawberry, lemon, cherry, grape, apple and blueberry illustrated free label printables! Perfect for labeling all your canning jars. Designed by Catherine Auger of Pumpkinsandposies.com. Labels are in editable PDF templates ready for you to personalize, print on your laser and inkjets, and start sticking 😉

Use Worldlabel.com adhesive label products to label your canning jars. One can always use our Full Sheet Label and cut out the designs.



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Food & Gift Labels by Cathe Holden

This gorgeous collection of printable labels for labeling food products and /or giflts is designed by Cathe Holden of Justsomethingimade.com These vintage styled food and gift labels are available in Black, Red, Blue and Green.

To print use our WL-125 (Same size as Avery® 5163)


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