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Advanced usage with gLabels: labels/cards Linux/GNU

In the previous post in this series, we looked at the basic design tools used to create labels and business cards with gLabels: the drawing tools, text tools, how they compare to raster- or vector-graphics editors, and the object manipulation tools. We also covered how to print your creations, and what formatting options gLabels provides to make life easier. Chances are, though, that at some point you will need to take advantage of some of gLabels’ more advanced features, such as the ability to do “mail merge” printing, to incorporate readable barcodes, or to edit label templates of your own.

by Nathan Willis

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Getting started with gLabels: Labels & Cards GNU/Linux

Following is an excellent two part series on gLabels by Nathan Willis:  Getting started with gLabels and Advanced usage with gLabels.

Labels and Cards with gLabels (Part One)

In the world of label creation software for Linux, gLabels is the long-standing market leader. It offers a convenient graphical interface in which you can design labels with the same tools you are used to finding in image editing software, but it also supports business-friendly advanced features like “mail merge” and barcode generation. In addition to that, its focus on label creation offers some advantages in printing over general office or graphics alternatives, like simple control over printing partial sheets.

You can download source code for gLabels from its SourceForge project page, but most Linux distributions include it in their package management systems — the gLabels site maintains a list of such distros on the download page. gLabels uses GTK and is designed to work with the GNOME desktop environment, but it runs just as well under KDE.

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