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Valentine’s Day Labels with Roses

These really beautiful Valentine’s day holiday labels with a rose theme are designed by Catherine Auger of Pumpkinsandposies.com. Labels are in PDF templates  and are free to download and print for your personal use.

To print, use Worldlabel products:

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Printable Vintage Gummed Labels Inspired by Dennison

Free printable red bordered gummed labels in ready to print templates on your laser and inkjet printers. Designed by Erin Rippy of InkTreePress.com and inspired by the great old Dennison Manufacturing Corp. The Dennsion Manufacturing Corp was founded in 1844 and located in Massachusetts. In 1990 Avery International Corp merged with Dennison and became the Avery Dennison Corp, the worldwide leader in pressure sensitive materials and labels. Use these labels for your shipments, mailings, addressing and even labeling your parcels loaded with gifts for the holidays -:)

Photo by  Hope Wallace

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Merry Christmas Holiday Labels by Catherine Auger

These really beautiful Merry Christmas Holiday Labels are designed by Catherine Augar of pumpkinsandposies.com and are free to download. Labels are in printable PDF templates which are editable and fillable. This collection includes holiday address labels, round label tags, large size labels which can be used for wine bottles, holiday shipping label sizes and more. And if you interested in the just Free Digi Scrap Kits visit here!

To print use Worldlabel.com products:

–  WL-875 (same size as Avery® 5160)

WL-5375 Round Labels

WL-150 (same size as Avery® 5164)

WL-475 Shipping label size

WL-800 Address label size

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Free Printable Holiday Address Labels

Christmas address labels

Seasonal Greetings! Free printable holiday address labels by Erin Rippy of InkTreePress! This collection of address labels includes standard sized labels, round address labels, and envelope wrap address labels. Labels are in printable PDF templates which are both fillable and editable. Start printing these out for all your packages and envelopes you will be sending out this holiday season -:) Enjoy!

To Print Use WorldLabel Products:

WL-875 (same size as Avery® 5160)

WL- 7000 (water bottle size – use as envelope wrap)

WL-5375 Round Labels

Or print on one page full sheet labels and cut out the labels -:)

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Free Chalkboard Printable Gift Labels at PoppyTalk

Jan from Poppytalk.blogspot.com asked Emily McDowell, a Los Angeles-based illustrator/hand letterer if she could make up some Free chalkboard-inspired gift labels for their readers to download. And did she, and Jan is loving what she delivered! They really are special. They’re easy to print up and cut out. You can print on full sheet label paper, regular paper (then just glue) or punch a hole in a corner and pull a piece of twiner or yarn through them using them as tags -:) Visit Poppytalk to download these Printables! Thank you Emily and Poppytalk.blogspot.com 🙂


Free Printable Holiday Gift Labels and Tags

Heidi at Momscraftyspace.com has been in a gift wrapping mood. So she decided to create a few printable tags and labels and wants to share it with you -:)

One of Heidi’s favorite thing to do is print them out on 8.5″x11″ full sheet sticker paper so you can just cut out each individual label and stick it right to the wrapped gift – easy peasy! Click on the link below to snag a copy for yourself and be sure to check out Momscraftyspace.com !




DIY Pantry & Cleaning Labels by Newfashionedmom.com

These really great DIY pantry and cleaner labels are designed by Gretchen, a Mother and Army wife on a journey to enjoy a simple life. Gretchen blogs at Newfashionedmom.com One of her favorite things to do is to organize everything with labels. So even thought she has a ton of  items labeled already, she decided to design more and share with everyone -:)

To print use Worldlabel product Full Sheet Labels and cut out the design -:)


Please check out our Pinterest Board on “Kitchen and Pantry Labels” for more awesome free printable labels

Christmas Envelope Seals, Gift Seals and Labels

These Christmas seals and labels are designed by Cathe Holden of Justsomethingimade.com They can be used as envelope seals, seals for your gifts, enhancing your favor packages and lots lots more -:) Christmas seals come in a ready to print PDF template and is free to download. Visit Cathe’s site to download the template for the box and the labels in these images!

To print use Worldlabel.com products:

WL-5425 1″ square labels or print on our full sheet labels and cut out the design!

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Free Labels and Fun Projects at CountryLiving Magazine

In the latest Country Living magazine publication for December/January and online, you should see  a few printables in this issue designed by Cathe Holden of JustSomethingImade.com. And printed on blank labels from WorldLabel.com Use these gorgeous labels for making your own gourmet food gifts for the holidays. Happily, we have put together a 3 sheet package for each label design with special pricing  just for this project. You will find the projects, recipes, label download links and labeling directions in the December/January 2013 issue of Country Living and online at CountryLiving.com. You can find more information on these projects,  download the printables , and to buy the sheet labels here.

Free printable Hanukkah labels and templates

These great Hanukkah Labels  are designed by Erin Rippy of InkTreePress.com  There are in fillable PDF templates and are FREE for downloading. Print them on your laser and inkjet printers.

To print use Worldlabel.com products:

WL-875 (same size as Avery® 5160)

WL-5375 Round Labels

WL- 800 Address Label size

WL- 775 Address Label size

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