Ten Great Organizing Sites

We’re far from perfect when it comes to organization, so we often scout the Web for new and interesting ideas on how to keep our plates clean. This list is one way to organize, as we can reference it when we need new ideas. So, we thought we’d share the list with you, along with some of the greatest organizing ideas we’ve learned along the way.

The list is in no particular order, and we don’t recommend any site over another:

  1. Real Simple: This site is a compliment to Real Simple Magazine, and it offers numerous suggestions on how to make your life “real simple.” Under their Home and Organizing section, we found 2005 article that made us smack our foreheads in a “why didn’t I think of that” manner. If you hold an event and use name tags, you may have some left over – but usually not enough for another event. Use those leftover name tags as address labels until they’re all gone (see photo above).
  2. Life Organizers: This site is filled with tips and ideas on how to organize a home, office and even a car. Our favorite tip involves how to organize paperwork, especially #4. When you use labels to organize storage containers, be specific about what is inside that container. And, organize the containers in a closet or storage area by alphabet, if possible. That way the storage bin or container is easier to find.
  3. Organized with Style: This blog is produced by a company that offers organization services. What we like about the blog is that it’s filled with short tips that are easy to implement. For instance, a tip on getting organized to lose weight was a great tip for the holiday and New Year season. Unless your fridge is full of veggies, the best place to keep them is up front in that fridge!
  4. Organizing Junkie: This is a fun blog, filled with tips and observations penned by an obsessive organizer. This post about how to organize for a move keeps us motivated to staying organized in case we ever DO move! Using containers on the front end is a great idea, as you don’t need boxes, and everything is where it should be in that container (which is labeled, of course!).
  5. Neat and Simple Living: Not only do we get great organizing tips from this blog, we’re entertained as well. Ariane Benefit does a bang-up job of teaching people how to let go of clutter. Here’s a great post on how to cut back a holiday card mailing list, which includes ways to deal with mailing label lists. If you don’t send out holiday cards, this post still is worth a read on how to clean out your other mailing lists.
  6. Organize.com Blog: We love to browse through the online shop at Organize.com just for ideas. But, the blog is handy, too. In this entry, Mrs. Organized shows a nifty office set-up that’s perfect for the person who works with color. Using color is a great idea for labels as well. When you print, you can use green for garden labels, red for house items (as “in the red” if you owe on that house!), and blue for business details.
  7. Jeri’s Organizing and Decluttering News: This woman is a professional organizer, and her tips and ideas are great. She believes that de-cluttering is essential, and organizing will make everyone happier. One of our favorite posts is the one on how to use various labels to organize a space. You don’t always need to use sticky labels to file things away. But, if you don’t like your handwriting, printed sticky labels are the way to go.
  8. Simplify 101: If you want to learn how to simplify your life, you can find tips and articles here that range from home to home office to work. One tip that makes great sense is to use the same headings for files in your file cabinet, on your computer, in your email in-box, and in your Internet favorites directory to simplify your life. That way, no matter where you go, you’ll know where you’ve filed something.
  9. Savvy Mom: We like Savvy Mom, but we especially like her ideas for how to use labels around the house (and office!). One simple one – if you don’t remember which side your gas tank sits on your car, a small label on the dashboard will remind you.
  10. IKEAhacker: We’re nuts about the ideas that readers send to this blog, sponsored by IKEA. While we would like to point to a specific way that readers use labels to organize their lives, we would take up a lot of space. So, we’ll just point you to the blog to peruse and have fun. Hopefully, you – like us – will get some great ideas from this site.

12 thoughts on “Ten Great Organizing Sites

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  2. The Chatty Housewife

    Actually, I think you’ll notice that #9 is Savvy Mom DOT ca, not savvy momma. The dot ca part does kid of make her name look like momma though!

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  4. Terry Christensen

    Hey, I loved all this organizing sites and ideas. Is there any way I could have my book, “Organize Your Home, Organized Your Life,” included? Thanks for considering it.


  5. jaylasmama

    hey there thanks for all the snazzy sites and organizing ideas…they were very helpful to a packrat such as myself with organizing mine and my two month old jaylas shared bedroom 🙂


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