Spice jar labels and template to print

Spice jar labels to print on blank round labels size 1.67″ circle laser and inkjet printer sheets, designed by Questionable Domestique! Download your free printable PDF spice jar label template.

Use Our WL-325 1.67″ Circle 




See this collection of labels for Spice Jars

15 thoughts on “Spice jar labels and template to print

  1. Seasuns123

    Thank you, just what I was needing to complete my collection of herbs and spices and they are beautifully colored.

  2. Lisa

    Love this site…dwl. the spice label stickers.. I have been looking all over for them. I’m going to make my own magnet spice jars and really needed these!…cheaper when you go to the craft store and buy your own tins, mags, ect….thank you!

  3. Melissa

    Is there a way to add the following spices to these labels:

    Lemon Pepper Seasoning
    Italian Seasoning
    Garlic Salt
    Cream of Tarter
    Celery Seed

  4. wlmanager Post author

    Hi Melissa
    I would have to ask the designer. Lets hope -:)

    Russ @ blog.worldlabel.com

  5. Melissa

    Should I just check back on the site to see if they are added? What is the best way to follow up? I love these labels!!

  6. Susan Kilshaw

    Love the Spice Jar labels.
    Have used them on my jars.
    Would it be possible to get the following labels?

    Mixed Herbs
    Mixed Spices

    Thanks again for this.!!

  7. ziskey

    I like this site so much , for kid’s stickers it’s perfect & for spices it’s incredable

  8. Debbie

    I too was wondering if there are other lables available. The same ones Melissa (above) was wanting.


  9. Tia

    Any chance you could provide a blank template that we could upload pictures and the spice name? I have quit a lot of unusual spices that I buy in bulk, Grains of paradise, Gumbo file powder, Epazote, etc. I love the basics you have and my spice cabinet it now colorful and easy to use thanks to your template. It would be great if all 100+ of my spices could match:)

  10. shahlaa

    these are fantastic!

    any chance of getting the following: Juniper Berries, Mixed herbs, Black cardomom, Chicken seasoning?

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