Use Label sizes you will always find!

We often get calls from a customers asking “Do you have a label in stock in this size….., we need it immediately and it has to work with prior artwork we have?” The request is usually something obscure like 3.215 wide by 1.66 high size and hard to source.  Although we can make custom blank labels in 1 to 3 days, and ship it overnight. It is very costly! When considering a new project, please try take in account if the size label required can be found easily.

It is best to go with labels sizes which are all ways in stock, and not only at companies like World Label, but all major office supplies stores. Before you decide on the label size you need for your projects, all ways consider standard label sizes you can find every where. Not only will you save a huge amount but you are also insured to get the labels you need when you need them.

Some sizes to consider:

A) probably the most popular size is our WL-875 – same size as Avery® 5160 with 30 labels on a 8.5 x 11″ sheet. You are almost certain to find this size label at any vendor selling Office Supplies including Walmart, CVS and other large national stores.

B) Another size easy to find is the half sheet label, our WL-400 which you can use as USPS shipping labels, Ebay, Amazon labels or for your product labeling.

C) Then our WL-75,  same size as Avery® 5161 is a very popular size label. Size: 4″ x 1″ and can have a multitude of uses but is most commonly used for address labeling. Every large Office Supply store including online label retailers will have stock.

D) Our WL-100 – same size as Avery® 5162 template is 4 x 1.33″ and also can be used for labeling many different object -is also very common.  Every large Office Supply store including online label retailers will have stock.

E) Our WL-25 -same size as Avery® 5167  are also very popular and can be found in generic form online at Worldlabel and other online stores as well as at Staples, Office Depot and Office Max Brands.

WL-100 same size as Avery® 5162Our WL-100, same size as Avery® 5162

USPS Shipping labels sized.

Our WL-400 Half Sheet Labels

Our WL-75 (Avery® 5161 sized labels)

Our  WL-75  -same size as Avery® 5161 labels

Our wl-25, same size as Avery® 5167

Our WL-25, -same size as Avery® 5167

F) Full sheet labels which are one label per sheet are also easily found everywhere, and can come in handy for all types of labeling and DIY projects.

G) A 4″ x ” label size, Our WL-125 -same size Avery® 5163 can be use for labeling many different products and our WL-150 – size 4″ x 3,33″ – same size Avery® 5164 is another universal label size  you can find everywhere..

Once you have your label templates formatted for printing with these size labels, you will never have to worry about getting the right size label for your needs….

Our WL-125 - Same size as Avery® 5163

Our  WL-125  -same size as Avery® 5163 labels

Our WL-150 -same size as Avery® 5164

Our  WL-150 -same size as Avery® 5164 labels

WorldLabel does not sell Avery-branded labels. “Avery Dennison®”, “Avery®” and all other Avery-branded product names and SKU trademarks are trademarks of Avery Dennison Corporation. Avery Dennison does not sponsor or endorse any products made or sold by World Label.

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