Back to School Label Printable Set Boys and Girls


August has crept up on us so quick this year and it’s less than three weeks until the kiddos are back to school! In preparation we have designed 5 sheets of labels that you can customize, download and print to help you get organized for the year ahead.

Our patterned sheets can be printed onto full sheet labels then used to wrap pencils and crayons or to cover notebooks and binders – how cute?! The other two sheets have a variety of labels that can be customize with your child’s name or initials. Simply download the free font Courier Prime first and you are good to go. Edit in Adobe Acrobat then print both these sheets onto full sticker sheets and trim to size.
Then you can get busy labelling your child’s books, folders, notebooks, pencil boxes, lunch packs, paint sets and more! With a bit of luck you might find all those supplies you bought last them the full school year! For more back to school goodies head over

school labels boys school labels girls

Notebook_Covers_Personalized School_Labels_Personalized Glue_Stick_Labels

Printable back to school Labels

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