Creating Round Labels with Adobe Illustrator

Begin by launching Adobe Illustrator. Any version of Illustrator will do. From the File menu choose Open. Open round labels WL-325 PDF template from World Label, a manufacturer of Printer labels for laser and inkjet printers.


Once the file opens click on the grid to select all the circles.

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Design coffee labels in Illustrator for your brand

Here is an awesome tutorial on designing a coffee label using Illustrator by Chris Spooner. The tutorial uses a PDF label template and the label size used is our WL-475 Multi-purpose, 4″ x 5″ with rounded corners. Product WL-475

The howto combines the styles of old and new with a mix of vintage patterns and contemporary typefaces to create a modern and sophisticated design. The final design will then be laid out on a printable template and mocked up on a Photoshop document.

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