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Generating labels and business cards in OpenOffice.org

Despite the fact that open source has specialty label-and-business-card programs like gLabels and capable desktop publishing apps like Scribus, most general office users are going to continue to create their documents in the word processor of the office suite they feel the most comfortable in, like OpenOffice.org Writer. It is certainly a good choice, too; it provides design wizards that simplify creating print-ready documents for standard label templates, and OpenOffice’s mail merge backend is quite powerful.

by Nathan Willis

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Designing a Business Card with WL-OL244 Template

Although I no longer bother to print letterhead or envelopes for my design business (thank you, email!), I’d be lost without a business card. Not only are business cards still traded in the real world, but often it’s the business card itself that helps generate business. Plus, if you’re a graphic designer like me, having a good looking card acts like a mini-portfolio of your skills.

With this in mind, in this tutorial I’ll show how simple it really is to create an effective card that will impress potential clients and help them to remember your name. All this with just a small rectangle of paper. Here goes.

Although business cards often come in many shapes and sizes, for this exercise we’re assuming you want to create a standard U.S. cards measuring 31/2 x 2 inches. Before we get to working with the WL-OL244 template (Download the Template [PDF]), we’ll start by creating one card only. Once we’re happy with the card I’ll show you how to bring it into the eight-up template.

by Scott Citron

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Fifty Business Card Inspirations

What does your business card look like? If you’re like the majority of people in business, your card is flat, built from templates at Vistaprint or from some other print shop, and useful only to pick food out of your teeth at best. At worst, your card will end up in a basket full of cards and forgotten, or in the waste basket.

While there’s a place for run-of-the-mill business cards, there will be times when you want to think out-of-the-box. If so, the following business cards may inspire you. We’ve included some of the most unusual cards, most appropriate cards for a given business and edible cards. And, we’ve included articles and how-to information to help you create your one-of-a-kind business card.

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Design a Print Ready Business Card

Despite the digital wave that’s taking over everyday life, the good old business card is still a highly useful tool for any professional. Follow this walkthrough to produce your own modern and stylish business card in Adobe Illustrator, and mock up the design onto the business card template ready for production with Worldlabel.com

Begin by launching Adobe Illustrator and creating a new document, enter the dimensions of 3.5inches by 2inches – the standard size for the business cards at Worldlabel.com. This is a job for print, so choose the CMYK color mode.

With the Rectangle Tool, single click on the artboard to bring up the options box, enter 3.5inches by 2inches to create a background rectangle the exact size of the card.

Fill the rectangle with your chosen colour, here I’m using Cyan (100c, 0m, 0y, 0k), then align the rectangle centrally to the artboard using the Align Palette.

With the Type Tool, begin writing out your name and set in a font of your preference. Here I’m using the classic; Lubalin Graph in two weights to add an element of style to the design. Pay close attention to the tracking and kerning of the words to perfect their appearance.

Continue typing out the elements which will be shown on the business card such as job title, contact details and website URL.

Draw in four guides onto the artboard 0.25inches into the document, this helps balance the design elements. Arrange the type onto the design, using variations in size to provide a visual hierarchy that gives focus to the important aspects of the design.

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Quick Free Business Cards Online

You can quickly and very easily generate your own business cards online for free at freepdfcards.com:

Use Worldlabel’s standard business card stock to print

Another quick and easy way to create business cards is using AutofillPDF-labels. Here all you have to do is select an image which will automatically populate the template, and then type in your information > press tab to finish populating the format.

Fonts: If you want to change the font type, size or color, (as well as bold, italics, etc.) in the AutofillPDF-labels, select Control +E if you’re using a PC or Apple + E on a Mac. A toolbar will appear that will provide you with additional text properties. Select “More” in the font properties toolbar for paragraph alignment and more changes as desired.

Save Time and Money Using Free Printable Business Cards with WorldLabel Cardstock

Card StockWhen you need business cards right away, there’s no time to mess around with companies that charge big bucks and take weeks to print and ship. One solution is to keep high-quality, formatted business card cardstock on hand when you need to print cards for employees, temporary contractors, title changes and other situations.

WorldLabel has a PDF template designed to work with its business card cardstock. The template is compatible with most graphics programs, but you can also simply forgo the template, load the heavyweight cardstock sheets into your printer, and print out pre-designed business cards you can find for free online. A few seconds later you’ll have new 3.5-inch by 2-inch business cards in your hand, 10 to a sheet, finely perforated and ready to separate and distribute.

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