Free 2013 Calendar Fillable PDF PRO

This year we have two calendars, one is generic and the other one has beautiful background images.

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Generic Filable Calendar Pro

Calendar with different images for each month

Check out our free, fillable, editable and printable PDF document template 2013 calendar with notepad. It has the features you need to keep your life on track on calender pages contents that are a fully printable 8.5″ x 11″. Please also check out our PDFplannerPRO, a fillable printable planner, organizer, diary and more! If you need our 2009 Calender,  2010 Calendar2011 Calendar  and the 2012 Calendar go for those items as well!

This year we have two calendars, one is generic and the other one has beautiful background images.

Features at a glance:

– Customize with your own logo and images

– Input your data and save or print

– Print the complete calendar or specific pages

– Notepad for each month

– PDF format allows for easy sharing and opening

– Change font type, size and colors

– Insert images into each ‘day cell”

Change fonts, size and colors: select Control +E if you’re using a PC or Command + E on a Mac. A toolbar will appear giving you additional text properties. Select “More” in the font properties toolbar for paragraph alignment and more.

Instructions For Inputting Your Data:

Click on month in Contents menu within the calendar to jump to desired page.

Insert your own image:

Click on the main image and you will be prompted to choose a an image. Click on the WorldLabel logo and you also will be prompted to choose an image. Make sure you follow the image sizes listed in the instructions on the calendar.

By placing your image on any “white” area in each Day Cell, then left click, you can choose an image but must be 351 x 324 pixels for months with 5 rows and 351 x 270 pixels for months with 6 rows.



NEW: check out the 2013 Quarterly Executive Calendar with Planner, Expenses…

8 thoughts on “Free 2013 Calendar Fillable PDF PRO

  1. Anne S

    I love this calendar and used the 2012 version for a non-profit organization. It’s one of the few calendars published with the past and future months referenced. I’m wanting to use it again for 2013 but noticed the “PDF Calendar PRO” header cannot be edited. The 2012 calendar header could be adjusted. Any thoughts on changing this? Thanks for all your hard work getting this put out for use!

  2. wlmanager Post author

    Hi Anne
    I will need to contact the developer to fix. He is overseas. So it will take a few days. thank you


  3. Alex-designer :-)

    Hi Anne,

    I’m very happy that you liked ours work 🙂

    I have made corrections about which you asked. In the near future the version with possibility to change an text “PDF Calendar PRO” will be accessible to you.

    Yours faithfully, Alex.

  4. cindy

    Why dotted lines this year instead of solid? The print isn’t as good. Can I make them solid lines? Is there a global way I can change the day headings and weekend days to black instead of blue? Love this calendar, been using it for years for check runs.

  5. wlmanager Post author

    I am trying my best. He has not returned by call yet. Have you tried changing the print settings: resolution or DPI setting to the highest level.

    Soon as i here from him, i will advise.


  6. jason

    Just discovered this calendar, cannot express how much I love it. I wish I had it years ago. Great job whoever made this. A+

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