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Quick Free Business Cards Online

You can quickly and very easily generate your own business cards online for free at

Use Worldlabel’s standard business card stock to print

Another quick and easy way to create business cards is using AutofillPDF-labels. Here all you have to do is select an image which will automatically populate the template, and then type in your information > press tab to finish populating the format.

Fonts: If you want to change the font type, size or color, (as well as bold, italics, etc.) in the AutofillPDF-labels, select Control +E if you’re using a PC or Apple + E on a Mac. A toolbar will appear that will provide you with additional text properties. Select “More” in the font properties toolbar for paragraph alignment and more changes as desired.

How to Use Mail Merge with AbiWord and KOffice

If you have read Solveig Haugland’s “Mail Merge in Everything You Need to Know,” then you already know how to use mail merge to reduce your workload in one free and open source software application (FOSS). However, is not the only FOSS application you can use for mail merge. You can also use AbiWord or KWord to get the same advantages.

Both AbiWord and KOffice were originally built for GNU/Linux, but both now have versions for Mac OS X and Windows as well. AbiWord is a standalone word processor, while KWord is part of KOffice, which started as an office suite for KDE, one of the most popular interfaces for GNU/Linux. Although neither AbiWord nor KWord has as many features of, both are developed enough for many users’ needs. Some people prefer them because they are smaller and faster than, and therefore run better on older and slower computers.

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Cozi: Online Organizer for Active Families

Front of your fridge?

If the front of your refrigerator is your household’s central command, you have hi-tech organization alternatives available for active families. is a Web app for families that has been highly reviewed by several sites such as Better Homes and Gardens and Parents magazines.

Completely free and Web-based, Cozi has several features active families can use to stay connected, organized and informed about everyone’s activities. The calendar, shopping list and family journal are nice productivity features to help you keep on top of all the details without having to carry your fridge around with you or take sticky notes everywhere.

During the brief sign up process, you input the member names of your household. When you log in, the calendar displays members’ names with their own personal color code. The color corresponds to each family member’s respective events and appointments. Inputting events is quite easy. You just click on the person’s name and the event is created in their color.

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New Template Repository has launched a new website specifically for templates: Here you can find all the templates you need for presentations, letterheads, business cards, all types of spreadsheets and lots lots more. Search by Tags, highest rated, most popular, latest template,  business, education and private.

If you have created a great template, please feel free to upload it and share your work with the community.

If you need label templates for Writer and Draw visit the Worldlabel template page.

Don’t forget Extensions, these are macros/add-ons that extend in all types of ways and functionality. There are almost 300 great extensions to help you become more productive. Here you can also publish your extensions and discover how popular they are. Check out the Sun PDF Import extension, Writer Tools, Color palettes and color Atlas, Wordlabel’s OOoDesignedLabels and so much more!

How to use PDF Templates for Labels & Business Cards in Adobe InDesign (CS1-4)

The following article will help you use our PDF Label Templates in Adobe InDesign (CS1-4). The author, Anne-Marie Concepción, is Chicago’s top source for cross-media publication design and authorized Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat and Quark training.

  1. Download the PDF template that matches the type of labels you’ll be printing on, and save the template to a convenient location, like your desktop. In the example you’ll be using throughout this tutorial, you’re printing out standard address labels, 30 per page, so you’ve downloaded the WL-OL875 template. For standard business cards, use this template WL-OL244. The general steps outlined here should work with any template, though of course the settings you’ll enter should be customized to your particular template.
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Labels help the Elderly

You may have people in your life who have reached their golden years. As loved ones age, they may experience more difficulty in processing certain information. Impairments in information processing run the gamut from difficulty associating names with faces to moving new facts from short-term to long-term memory.

The power of the label can help the elderly make their lives easier. By simply printing labels with general information and placing them around the home, those who have trouble recalling certain things will find the information literally in front of their faces.

Labels for the Elderly

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