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Worldlabel and Colour Lovers Provide Free Labels (Update)

We love open source, so any project that provides users with the ability to use open source products really rocks our world. This time, we’ve teamed up with ColourLovers.com (Color Lovers) to create some wild labels that will catch anyone’s attention! The colors chosen for each CD and address label are ones that are supplied by various palettes cataloged at Color Lovers.

To view the templates, use any of the following office suites to open the files: OpenOffice.org, Koffice, StarOffice, IBM Lotus Symphony, or any other office suite supporting the OpenDocument format. For Microsoft Office users, an ODF plugin is required and can be downloaded for free Sun ODF plugin for MS Office.

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Save Time and Money Using Free Printable Business Cards with WorldLabel Cardstock

Card StockWhen you need business cards right away, there’s no time to mess around with companies that charge big bucks and take weeks to print and ship. One solution is to keep high-quality, formatted business card cardstock on hand when you need to print cards for employees, temporary contractors, title changes and other situations.

WorldLabel has a PDF template designed to work with its business card cardstock. The template is compatible with most graphics programs, but you can also simply forgo the template, load the heavyweight cardstock sheets into your printer, and print out pre-designed business cards you can find for free online. A few seconds later you’ll have new 3.5-inch by 2-inch business cards in your hand, 10 to a sheet, finely perforated and ready to separate and distribute.

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