Worldlabel opens an Etsy store for Blank Sheet Labels

Etsy store opens up an Etsy Store. We will be selling 25 sheet packs of Brown Kraft Labels and other type of label materials and also 100 sheets packs.

The object of our Etsy store is to make your life as simple as possible when it comes to putting blank sheet labels on something you have created and want to sell, especially when you only want a small quantity of sheets. Our blank sheet labels for laser and inkjet printing come in over 30 materials and in over 100 sizes for you to choose from.

Visit the store here:

Please make sure you follow us on Etsy as we will keep adding more and more label sizes :)

WorldLabel is Now Offering Blank Labels on Ebay

Labels at eBay

We’re happy to announce the release of our new Ebay store!

We’re excited to finally unveil the store, where we’ll be offering the same level of prompt shipping and everyday low prices that customers have come to expect from World Label.

Eventually, customers will be able to find great prices on blank shipping and address labels for laser and inkjet printers of all shapes and sizes, and even special offers that will be exclusive only to our Ebay store.

Take a look!

Boards on Labels to Follow at Pinterest

World Label has added a bunch of cool boards on Pinterest lately and YES, they about labels but specifically free label printables in templates you can use to create your own great labels …and we getting thousands and thousands of new followers. We would love you to join us and follow our awesome boards. Check the new boards bellow:

 Halloween Labels and printables

 Red Bordered Labels

Kitchen and Pantry Labels

 Christmas Labels and printables

Continue reading Reset, New Branding New Website (Peekskill, NY), October 9, 2012—WorldLabel, the preeminent label manufacturer and distributor, is pleased to announce the launch of their new website and branding identity. Created by Fabricatorz, a global software and hardware production company, the new incorporates the latest in website technology, including HTML5 and make-static software. The updates make for faster navigation, easier browsing and a fresh clean look—essentials when considering the breadth and depth of WorldLabel’s products.

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Pinterest is the coolest and start following us

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes. Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests. To get started, request an invite. will bring you all the latest and best “printables and labels” on the net. Awesome and unique “packaging and labeling”, “clipart”, “design, art and photography”, amazing “patterns and textures” and lots more fun stuff on our pinning boards you can follow.

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The Best Worldlabel Blog Posts from 2009

2009 was a good year!

2009 certainly proved to be a busy year for Worldlabel, as we modified the business, started a blog which was hacked and started all over again. But, it was a productive year, too, as the following blogs show. We’ve picked twelve top blog entries for 2009 and offer them below, many written by guest authors and most that focus on Open Source tutorials and products. These blogs are in no particular order, but they’re our favorites because they seemed to help a lot of our readers…

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Labels Help The Blind (News)


A device that allows blind people to attach and read audio labels on everyday objects has gone on show. The PenFriend uses minute barcodes which – when scanned by a digital pen – trigger MP3 files recorded on the unit.

The PenFriend has been developed by a UK firm together with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).

It costs less than £60, and can be used to label foods and medication as well as clothing, personal documentation and film and music collections.

“At the moment we are just scratching the surface: we are starting development of address books, organisers, diaries and calendars,” explained Alison Long of the RNIB.

The PenFriend is the result of collaboration between the charity and London-based company, Mantra Lingua. It uses optical identification technology (OID) to print microdots on to adhesive labels which are then read by the scanner in the tip of the PenFriend.

Read More at  BBC

Our AutofillPDF-Labels 1.0 on the Web

Print Your Labels and Business Cards In An Instant, Easy, Simple and Quick.

AutofillPDF Labels is a handy web tool for anyone who’s wanted to print their own labels of any kind, but loathes the idea of manually filling out the printing template over and over.

Many print-your-own label packets come with links or CDs that provide you with a pre-formatted Word document to fill out. Unless you’re getting married or sending out other invitations, though, you’ll usually end up putting the same thing on each label, and Ctrl-C/V-ing your precious time away.

This handy webapp pops open a scripted PDF file on any system, while letting you change the font, styling, size, and other text properties, and also add images in short shrift. In other words, you create one label, and the PDF fills out the rest of them for you. The templates include CD labels, address or mailing, file folder labels, and even non-sticky business cards. Free to use, no sign-up required, and it works best with Adobe Acrobat (the free reader).