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The Groom’s Cake and Takeaway Cake Boxes

Wedding Traditions

The wedding cake has endured a centuries-old tradition dating back to the days of the Romans, when the groom would break a loaf of bread over the bride’s head, symbolizing the breaking of the bride’s virginal state and the subsequent dominance of the groom over her. Today, the cake is too large and unwieldy to pick up and break over the bride’s head. Additionally, the bride may retaliate if the groom even thought about reviving this ancient custom.

One other tradition, the groom’s cake, is a fading practice as well. But, it can be a sweet (literally) tradition to continue if you’re so inclined. Read on to learn more about the groom’s cake and how you can create or purchase boxes for your friends and family to carry away from the reception. Continue reading

Save Money on DIY Wedding Crafts

Wedding Photographs

You want your wedding day to be special, but your budget is slim. The sites listed below could help save money, but they also will make your wedding day one of a kind. We picked some of the top sites that offer crafts that are easy to make as well as photos that will make your imagination jump. Just glancing through some of the images on these sites might want you to get married all over again — or at least throw a huge party for about 250 guests!

Even the wedding photograph, taken by an amatuer like the one shown above, can make a great gift for family and friends after the wedding…a simple frame is all you need to make this wedding personal for everyone involved and for everyone who attends. Continue reading

How to Create Your Wedding Music CD Design

Silver and Gold Wedding Ring CD Designs

In the previous blog entry, you may have learned about various options available for your wedding music and how to burn that music to your CD. Now that your CD is ready to play, you might want to spice it up with some graphics. This tutorial provides a number of options for your creative abilities, along with resources for free artwork and graphics. Continue reading

Wedding Music — How to find music and create your own CD

Wedding Music

A wedding isn’t a wedding without music. From the pre-wedding gathering of guests to the reception, you might have an idea about the music you want to enjoy and that you want for your guests to enjoy. This tutorial walks you through gathering that music and creating a CD that you can play for each phase of your wedding. Continue reading

Top 25 Bridal Planning Twitter Users

Tips and ideas for the big day from Twitter Bridal Planners

If you’re planning your wedding (congratulations!), you might take a look at who is using Twitter to promote their wedding-planning skills. While you probably want to keep your wedding under budget (like using Worldlabel labels to decorate, for mailing and other crafty ideas), you can find someone on Twitter who can help you stay within your financial means — whether or not that budget is big or small. To that end, we’ve gathered the top 25 Twitter users who focus on bridal planning so you don’t have to do the searching. Continue reading

Get started with Blender

by Nathan Willis

The open source 3-D modeler Blender can perform so many different jobs that it can get a little intimidating. In addition to designing three-dimensional objects, Blender can handle rigging, character animation, kinematics, video editing, video game design, and in fact almost the entire tool chain required to produce a 3-D movie. Fortunately, if you have more modest goals in mind — say, simply creating a 3-D logo, Blender can do the job without forcing you through the entire learning curve … if you know where to look for help.

“The Blender user interface; even at start-up it can be intimidating to the new user, so it is helpful to run through a tutorial just to familiarize yourself with the tools.”

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WordPress Hacker Attack: How to Learn the Hard Way

Have you browsed through our site recently, only to discover missing images and PDF links? Then, you’ve learned only part of what a hacker can do to a WordPress site if that site has not been updated and backups have been violated. We learned the hard way that the push is on to hack as many WordPress sites as possible. But, we’ve also learned some smart ways to avoid this possibility again.

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Creating Labels for Canning

Canning Label

One of summer’s pleasures is its abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you’re the grower, then along with the joy of eating summer’s bounty is the responsibility of making sure nothing goes to waste. Because we often harvest more than we can eat, canning is a common way to store summer foods for use later that year. After all, who doesn’t love receiving a nicely wrapped can of home-grown tomatoes or a jar of fresh strawberry jam?
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